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Pay per click(PPC) Campaigns

If You Have some pennies left in your marketing budget , It’s time to spend it over the right place and that’s Paid Advertising by executing Pay-per-click (PPC) Campaigns , to get the immediate results and a well targeted niche.We will love to design effective and cost efficient CPC’s , for your PPC Campaign.


Getting traffic organically is a time consuming process , if you have some amount in your Paid advertising budget it’s the best shot to do the Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns or Cost Per Click (CPC) campaigns. This one shot will sweep all your competitions far away from where you are. If you like playing bold then try this aggressive way of advertising. We will design a perfect advertising campaign for you and ensure that you will get the best R.O.I. of it. Who are you waiting for the opportunity is knocking get started today with the PPC Campaigns and get designed best and well researched CPC’s for your highly targeted keywords so you can get the best out of your PPC campaign , get a quote from us today.



With the paid advertising and campaigns on the search engines and social media there are a lot of inbuilt tools that can give you the detailed insights of your PPC campaigns. With you own eyes on your budget expenditure and precise insights you are all good to go with the PPC campaigns. Quickly contact us to grow your page on social media through social media marketing which will ultimately boost your sales.

Applying the correct path and showing the track record of every task and make you feel secure about the work as much as like its done only by you makes Digipple different and undoubtedly unique.

Features included in PPC Campaigns

Pay Per Click(PPC) Campaigns :

  • PPC one time account setup (Chargeable)*
  • Creating process by account Audit and developing the PPC Campaign strategy
  • Keyword Research by audience segmentation , social listings , key phrase insights and more
  • Keyword Research by competitor analysis
  • A/B Testing*
  • Improving the PPC Campaign strategy if required
  • Location Targeting or Geo Targeting
  • Monthly detailed reporting
  • Banner ad and landing page designing (Chargeable)*

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