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10 SEO Tips Updated in 2020

Chapter 8 : SEO Tips & Tricks in 2020

Chapter 8 : SEO Tips & Tricks in 2020

Chapter 8 : SEO Tips & Tricks in 2020

I always say that the only constant thing in Digital World is Change.

If I go specifically with Search Engine Optimization most commonly known as SEO, then there are many questions already arose for it.

People usually ask that, if SEO is still alive in 2020? Or How to beat Competition in SEO? Or How to get more traffic on our website in very short time?

Also there’s a lot of questionaries both in against and in favour of SEO.

Talking about 2020 there are Billions of Website on the internet and to compete amongst is very dangerous and difficult.

Today blog is for you if you keep thinking that why I am not getting expected results even after doing all the SEO correctly.

I bet you if you are not getting good results with SEO, then you are definitely missing one or multiple points from today’s blog.

10 SEO Tips & Tricks in 2020

  1. Keep In mind Humans and not Crawlers while doing SEO.
  2. Make your website faster and more mobile friendly .
  3. Build High Quality Backlinks from Relevant sites .
  4. Link to other  good websites with relevant content.
  5. Keep posting unique content consistently to improve your rankings.
  6. Write unique, relevant and finely crafted meta titles and Descriptions.
  7. Use proper infographics and images to convey your messages.
  8. Use main Google tools to track your website and User (Only Google Search console & Google analytics).
  9. Get some traction from Social media platforms.
  10. Optimize and update your website frequently.

1. Keep In mind Humans and not Crawlers while doing SEO

You are starting to write or optimizing the content for SEO on a website good. Now you will do the keyword research and plan accordingly.

You will notice how much keyword would be there, how much long tail keywords should be there. How much meta tags would be there and more right?

I need to say, this is wrong!!

Now-a-days, competition has increased a lot that everyone knows these things. I agree that these things are important but you need to focus on more important things before this.

You should now focus on that how audience and viewers can engage more and more on your website.

You need to make sure that visitors can navigate easily and complete the goals easily that they want very easily on that web page by your SEO.


Here for an Example, you can have a look at the website’s snap shots.

Have a look at the website in the image, how clear their UI is and similarly there will be a great user Experience when people will come to the page and find it easy to navigate.

Thus always keep in mind that your website should be made and SEO should be done for humans and not Crawlers.

2. Make your website faster and more mobile friendly .

How many of you have used Internet Explorer with 3G or 2G internet standards?

I had used it and I know what a thrilling and exciting experience it used to give me.

Nahh! Just joking in fact, it was a very ridiculous experience to wait for a website to open for 2 mins.

In 2020 internet has become a lot cheaper and internet standards and speed are increased a lot. Nobody is far from a very fast internet connection. And similar the people expect with the website.

According to a study if a website won’t open in 3 second then it can loose 80% of the viewers that actually clicked to open your website.

Popups, Email subscription, advertisements, lucky draws, some extensions everything is cool. But at a risk of decreasing your website speed you should not prefer them.

You need to remove every thing that is increasing your website loading time.

Also most of the searches happens from mobile today, so during SEO you should also focus on how you can increase the friendliness of website for mobile users.

3. Build High Quality Backlinks from Relevant sites .

Yes we all know that off-page SEO is a very important part to get results from SEO, isn’t it?

But the point is that off-page SEO don’t demand just backlinks, it demands high quality and relevant backlinks in order to show results.

So you need to focus on building high quality backlinks only and only from relevant websites.

You can do this by blog posting, guest posting, listings and many more.

Always remember, relevance is important than quantity to get off-page SEO results.

4. Link to other good websites with relevant content.

As of now, in the previous point we had gained something from outside, now its time to give it back.

Do you know how important networking is in order to grown in the professional world? Same thing is with SEO in 2020.

You had got backlinks, that’s great but you also need to link other good and relevant websites or web pages to your site also.

There’s nothing wrong in posting someone’s content that you liked on your website, but you must link to that page in oder to get some outstanding SEO results,

According to Rand Fishkin, founder of MOZ “Linking out sends trackable traffic, it makes your site a more valuable and scalable resource.” So always keep this thing in mind.

5. Keep posting unique content consistently to improve your rankings.

According to a study by a content marketing institute, most of the businesses face difficulty In producing good and unique content at same time.

You need to be disciplined and at same time creative to post unique content consistently.

Posting content continuously will add a sense of freshness to the content and also the web page, which ultimately helps your website ranking to improve.

Both crawlers and humans enjoy the change and freshness in the content, and these two are the only responsible entities for your rankings and traffic on your website.

So always keep posting unique and fresh content continuously on your website.

6. Write unique, relevant and finely crafted meta titles and Descriptions.

Let me give you an activity to do

Description 1 : “The Best SEO company in India, grow business with our SEO services”

Description 2 : “Looking For Good SEO Services ? We provides specialised and result oriented Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Services”

Now look at Both the descriptions carefully, you can find the first description on every second website that tells we are best so and so company but there’s nothing which can engage the viewer and he/she will let the website unchecked.

Where as the second description, in the first line throws a question which will engage the viewer and make him click the link.

Due to this the meta descriptions and titles very important as they creates the first impression and people decide by looking at them weather to enter your website or not.

7. Use proper infographics and images to convey your messages.

Images are inseparable from any web page.

Taking care of image can help you provide better experience to users as well as crawlers.

Crawlers cannot see the image like we humans do, it crawls the name and alt tags of the images to understand the relevance of the image.

Thus name your image properly while embedding it.

Also if you are posting blogs or informative content make sure to make one or two image or infographic representations of that, so if anyone what to just overlook the content he/she can do it from the image.

Always remember that in search engine optimization, relevance is more important than creativity or cleverness.

8. Use main Google tools to track your website and User (Only Google Search console & Google analytics).

SEO tools are really expensive. I mean they cost you in thousands. But they are also feature rich to use. Tools like Aherfs, Buzzsumo, ubersuggest are really helpful in SEO activities.

But when it comes to tracking the results and position of your website, no one is as much accurate as Google itself. They are not even closer to google’s own native tools.

Google Search Console and Google Analytics helps you to get a very clear and Accurate insights of how your website is performing. They are also comparatively easier to use then other fancy tools.

The best part is, they are completely free! So make sure you are using Google Search Console(Also known as Google Webmaster) and Google Analytics to track and measure the results of website.

9. Get some traction from Social media platforms.

Do you think like I used to think, that Social Media are not the part of SEO?

Then my friend, you are just as wrong as me. Yes it is true that google has not integrated Social media or Social in its algorithm yet, still there’s a lot to improve from that.

Don’t believe me, then let me give you some examples.

Many king players of the Digital Marketing field, like MOZ, Neil Patel, Aherfs and many more ranks well on google.

Still they don’t only stick to the website. Once they upload any content on the website they post some similar content linking to that of web page to their social media so they can get traction from social media too.

So, never forget to include Social media in your SEO strategy.

10. Optimize and update your website frequently.

According to a study, websites with dynamic content performs better in comparison with the website with static content.

This is the reason that whenever you search any generalised term like, SEO or Best Event management company most probably a blog directory like wikipedia or a corporate listing directory will jump up to the #1 SERP.

Thus keep in mind that you constantly need to keep optimising and refreshing the content and also sometimes the UI if it is not performing well.

Wohoo. you have successfully completed all the chapters of the complete SEO Guide from beginner to expert. 

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