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4 C’s of Digital Marketing

4 C's of Digital Marketing

Marketing Mix, we all have learned the 4 P’s of Marketing I.e. Product, People, Price, Promotion/Placement. But, but, but as now the marketing has evolved,  we also need to evolve the 4 P’s and to your knowledge we had evolved them to be fit for Digital Marketing.

We are brining to you the 4 C’s of Digital Marketing that you will see making a better fit for modern day marketing (Digital Marketing). Let us have a look at 4 C’s of Digital Marketing and understand them.

What is there in this blog, have a look at a glance.

Following are the 4 C’s Of Digital Marketing

  1. Channel
  2. Content
  3. Communication
  4. Consumer

1. Channel

Mind me If I tell you channel means the Television channels, you should advertise on HBO and should not be doing it on Fox Star. That is not the case here at all. Channels mean the way or the bridge of Communication with your audience to promote the message that you have.

Digital Channels are of 2 types, the first is offline and the second are online which means connected with Internet. We are majorly going to talk about the second type of channels. Television, Radio, Commercials on Big screens are all outdated channels.

Also these off-line channels are now a days connected with Internet (Smart TV). Every god damn thing is connected with Internet. Ok leaving this apart lets talk about the modern channels or Digital Channels connected with the internet.

What was the last time you check your social media handle?

Now compare it with the last time you switched on the television!

You know the difference, online channels like Social Media and Search engines are taking over the game. Voice Search and AR channels are yet to come along the way to make the Digital Marketing even more stronger.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter are the social platforms there are huge number of options available if you look at the channels like Video Streaming platforms Hotstar, Prime, Voot and more.

2. Content

Believe me, this Is going to be the toughest part of the whole blog to write as you are currently consuming the content and ironically that is the topic I am writing about.

Content is something that decides that users are going to stay or leave. Content Decides that wether you are going to get love or hate, it is going to decide that people will be investing time in you or are wasting time in you.

It is very crucial about how your content quality and at the same time it is also important the how you represent it at the same time, No matter how good your content is if you fail to represent it as your audience wants you are going to loose the game.

Remember the famous quote of Bill Gates, “If you can’t make it good, at least make it look good”  this is where it signifies at Micro level and proves to be truthful. Balance out the quality of Content and also its representation.

3. Communication

As I talked in the 2nd C of 4 C’s of Digital Marketing I.e. Content, I addressed a very crucial factor that is representation and that is something reflected directly here. Communication is limited in term of Senses when it comes to Digital Channels.

Just like I am telling you with the visual form that Digipple provides some of the best Digital Marketing services in Ahmedabad.

But the positive side of this is that you could reach more and also narrow down the targets at same time. Visual and Verbal Communication are only things that are available in the Digital Channels. Most entities present on Digital Channels don’t have or don’t want to do verbal communication and thats why only rely on Visual Communication.

Images are easier to make than videos and that is fact, but to be standing in the spot light out of the crowd, you need to do some things that are also outstanding just like you.

Communication play an important role regardless of channels, place, time the only that communication keeps in mind is the Consumer of it. And goes what the next C is the Consumer itself.

4. Consumer

Consumer, the last C in the list of 4 C’s for Digital Marketing but the most important one. Without consumer all the above C’s becomes useless and unworthy.

Reaching out to consumer and making them believe in you and to take action is the end Goal of any kind of Marketing and same implicates for the Digital Marketing too. This is why Consumer becomes the most important thing to take care of.

In all the mentioned C’s one thing is in common and that is they all are controlled by us, by you. The only C that is not in control of you is the last one that is Consumer. Content is the King agreed, but what would a king do without the state and its people. Consumers make the state and are the people living in it.

Ohh I would like to take a second to appreciate your presence by becoming our consumer and consuming our content. By the way if you liked our content you could check our that Digipple is a Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad and make our consumer relationship more strong.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Stay tuned for more updates or visit to digipple.com for more blogs.

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