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4 Essentials points for Social Media Branding

4 Essentials Elements for Social Media Branding

Social Media is one of the major channel for Online or Digital Branding. If you want your business to become a brand on Digital Channels or Online Platforms you cannot ignore social media at all. Either Instagram or Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest, Snapchat or Tiktok, somewhere you need to focus and you cannot ignore all of these.

But why is it so? Why social media has became so much essential in Online Branding? Answer is the active users present on social media at your reach is just unbeatable. Someone might don’t know how to use google search by he/she shall be knowing how to use social media. And that is the game change for the online branding or Digital Branding.

The next question to address is that what are the objectives for social media branding, why exactly should someone leverage social media branding?

There are three core objectives the first is show casing your brand Identity, second is the most popular that is reaching to the potential audience, and the third one is Running specific campaigns to execute proper actions by your users.

So let’s see that what it takes or what are those 5 essential points for Social Media Branding.

So lets understand it,

1. Be Active & Consistent

As we know the 21/90 rule, any thing takes 21 days consistent to become the habit and 90 days to become the lifestyle. But the truth is that those 21 days are difficult to make.

Same is the scene with social media, the start is the most difficult part. When you are getting started with Social Media Branding make sure that you have at least planned and prepared the social media calendar for next 15 days. This is crucial because most of the time we think, ok this hardly takes 20 mins I will do it daily and post it.

But you never know the tomorrow, It might happen that you don’t get time to even eat the next day. What will you do then? Thus it is important to be prepared and that the the rule no.1 for winning at social media.

The next thing is becoming consistent, it is not just with the posting daily. But being consistent means keeping it up daily by interacting with your audience, keeping content consistent and many more. This will help you establish a clear tone of your brand that will see in the next topic.

2. Establish your Brand Tone

To understand this point, you first need to understand the meaning of Tone. What does a tone mean. It means a musical vocal sound relative to the pitch, frequency and other factors of sound.

But in these scenario tone means everything, It means the communication linguistics that are transferred to your audiences.

To have a clear and established tone helps your social media branding to be consistent and you know what? Consistent Branding helps businesses to increase their revenue by 33% approx.

Have a look at the branding tone of a cycling company that has established their tone clearly.

Having look at It clearly shows that they want to portray that they are friendly, helpful and expert in their industry. They also had clearly justified that why they have selected these traits and what it is going to do for them.

Make your Brand tone like this on paper and then execute to see the magic.

Choose the social platform wisely

Choosing a wrong social platform could be a disaster. Having a formal business page on instagram is not going to work and propagating this having a meme page on LinkedIn couldn’t be the most ROI giving to you.

I am not at all saying that you should not be present on every social media platform. I encourage you to be present on every platform instead but be careful about the content that you put and over this the efforts you give on which social platform.

If you have a B2B Business try out building your audience on LinkedIn and if your consumer range is between millennials then try focusing on Instagram. If you have every demography on the radar then build on Facebook.

I am attaching a demographic example range for your reference.

4. Use technology but don’t be a robot

Automation is pretty much necessary now a days. But that doesn’t mean that you should give your social media to a robot to handle. There should be a fine Line between the tasks you should automate and the tasks that should be operated manually on Social Media.

For example, posting on social media could be scheduled once everything is ready, but automating the description written in captions should not be automated at all. You could automate the replies that a user get on DMing you but you should not keep the whole thread automated.

People don’t like to be look like a fool when they talk with someone, and robots make them look like fool because they cant think which establishes a false signal.

So be careful while automating and using technology during branding, as branding is closely tied up with emotions which a robot doesn’t have up till now.

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