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5 Ways to Stand out on Social Media in 2020.

5 Ways to Stand out on Social Media in 2020.

Social Media, there’s a lot of people present there. 1 Billion active users are only present on Instagram and it could be a game changer for your business.

I know that you know these things and are also pushing efforts to grow on social media, but this is not enough. You need to make sure that all your efforts on Social Media pays off. In this cut throat competition, if you want your efforts to pay off then you need to stand out on social media.

Yes it is difficult to stand out from the crowd of billions of people on social media but it is not impossible. In this blog I am going to share with you the 5 best ways ti stand out on Social Media platforms :

1. Plan the calendar and content for your social media

Priority is a myth, if you think that you will plan daily and create content daily to post on social media without breaking the consistency than best of luck my friend. Life is very uncertain and due to this you need to prepare in prior.

Content Calendar gives you the flexibility to empower your other activities rather than spending 2 hours everyday only behind the content.

You could use Google Calendar or some free available tools for planning your calendar if you are working in a team which needs sharing. You can also manage a social media calendar in Spreadsheet in your local server if it doesn’t needs to be shared.

2. Engage Audience with your content

Usually people run after the new followers and forget their old followers. But if you know the Marketing funnel you will know the funnel don’t  stop at selling or. Buying but the last phase is Advocacy.

If you take care of your followers then they will become advocates for your page and bring new followers. Now how to take care of your existing followers? By keeping them in Mind while creating content.

When you create content keeping your audience in Mind and then make it interactable then your audience engage with your content and they are going to stay. Engaging with the comments and tagging their friends could be a great example of Engagement.

3. Be consistent with your visuals

This point is not true only for social media but your every piece of Visual that goes out of your company or stays inside. Whenever someone looks at your visuals then they should speak up your name, Yes that is from this brand.

Also whenever someone comes to visit your social media page then they will have a aesthetic look and feel that they had came to the world of your Brand. Quality of your image needs to be aligned with the aesthetics of your image.

Ohh did I forget to mention that Digipple provides fully integrated Social Media Marketing services in Ahmedabad which includes Content Creation & Graphics Design also.

Ok now lets move to the next point.

4. Focus on User Generated Content

Have you ever thought that why User Generated Content gets so much response and love from the users? The Answer lies within the question itself. User Generated Content is created by users only which means their peers are going to love that.

We had written a blog on Content Marketing trends in 2020 which includes a large part explaining User Generated Content and its usefulness.

Talking about the ways to leverage on Social Media, you could tell your customers to share their video testimonials on your social media. You could also hand over your social media handle to one of your lucky users or follower and tell him/her to handle it for whole day.

You could also leverage messages, mails, letters in form of image from your social media followers or your happy customers to showcase on Social Media.

5. Use Omni Channel integrations

The worst thing you could do to your social media presence is to be only present on anyone social media platform. Why? Remember Tiktok bane?

All the Tiktokers was somewhere knowing that Tiktok is going to get banned in near future and thats why they are growing their Instagram. The Tiktokers who were growing their instagram has something that they could sustain and survive on.

Looking at this example we could come back to the original point that is using Omni Channel Approach. Now talking of your business and their audience, the high chances are that your audience is spread out on various platforms.

Keep your presence diversified on the various social media platforms and that too with activity and operation going to divert or engage your audience depending on your end goal.

Let me tell you that Digipple is a Social Media Marketing Company in Ahmedabad that handles around 4-5 social media platforms of your business in Social Media Marketing Services.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Stay tuned for more updates or visit to digipple.com for more blogs.

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