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8 Trends of Social Media in 2020

8 Trends of Social Media
in 2020.

Social media had been continuously growing as a marketing platforms as well as a platform to gain a traction for your business. Social Media has grown so much that it has become a showcase platform for most of the famous brands.

Along with growing social media platforms have also evolved and where there is evolution there is a good change.

Social media platforms have evolved in terms of algorithms because of the competition and also the choice & behaviour of audience and social media users has changed a lot.

But as you are on Digipple’s blog who provide some of the best social media marketing services so you don’t need to worry about the change.

We will see in today’s blog that how social media has evolved and what are the social media trends of 2020.

So let’s get into it.

1. Creative and Engageable Content Gains Popularity

Let’s break this down, there’s two keywords mentioned in this. Creative & Engageable.

Talking about the Creative content, it totally depends on the individuals and the platform that you care creative content for. Creative content is totally upon how  you audience likes your content.

Second thing, engagement is where the heart and soul of algorithms of most of the social media platform lies. Algorithms generally works on engagement to push it to more and more audience.

You need to make sure that the content you are creating is engageable for a particular platform. A piece of content can manage to engage audience on Instagram and might fail to perform good on LinkedIn.

2. Influencers & Collaboration is the new way of gaining attention on social media

You are creating a great, creative and engageable content that’s good. I appreciate your efforts, but my friend you will still not be able to grow on social media, this is why?

The greatest created content is useless until it has reached to the targeted audience. Unless your content is visible to a person how he/she gonna like it buddy?

For this you need to collaborate with influencers or other pages who have good influence over the same niche that you are trying to catch.

Look there’s nothing like my space and your space on social media. There’s space for everyone, the thing is you need to approach in a correct way for the collaboration.

3. Being specific on social media content will perform

You can find old clumsy people on Facebook, while you can find young handsome chunks and beautiful chicks on Instagram and on LinkedIn you will find some professionals in well stitched 3 piece suit.

Now you can clearly see that how different is the personality of audience present on this platforms. The same difference should be in how you resemble your content.

You need to carefully tailor the content that you are publishing on a specific platform. A meme can work on Instagram while a very intellectual content can perform well on twitter. Thus be very careful with what type of content you are posting on social media.

4. Combination of Education + Entertainment in content is your weapon to beat competition

You like someone’s content, you follow their profile or page that’s good. But for how many pages you had turned post notifications on ?

When someone turns the post notification on for your content, it means that they are waiting for your content desperately and here you win the game.

To addict your audience with your content, you need to provide two things. First is education and second is entertainment. These two things in your content is a lethal combination for any social media platform.

Make sure whenever you are posting a content it should be either educating or entertaining to your audience. When you are promoting the business it should also be entertaining or educating and this is what called ‘Creativity’.

5. Technology Adoption will be at all time high

Now what exactly is Technology Adoption? It can be from two sides. The first is the technological advancement by the social media platforms. According to some researches Facebook is taking good steps for Augmented Reality and Virtuality Reality.

LinkedIn is going to bring stories feature like Facebook and Instagram and more. The second side is us the social media users. We as a user need to focus on the technological advancements that our devices are allowing us.

360 videos, AR, VR, Animated high fps videos and many more is a lot attractive and engaging that a simple picture and video. Also many repetitive tasks to grow a page or a profile can be Automated.

6.Following the guidelines and authenticity of social media platform is important

Social media is becoming competitive and also at the same time more and more people are coming to social media.

With the increasing usage and traction social media platforms are becoming more and more restricted with the time. The censored and of course the offensive content are now a days restricted.

But this is not the point, everyone is careful about this type of content. There are many more guidelines which are not related to the content and other things.

Guidelines related to spamming, frequency of engagement, your profile picture even your profile description needed to be carefully understood if you really want to grow on social media.

7. Create your social media community to rise

Previously in this blog I had stated about the collaboration with larger personalities on social media. But it is really hard to approach and convince this pages and personalities on social media.

You might have heard this proverb that “Small drops makes an ocean” thus gather the liked minded pages or personalities with you and grow all together.

Make a community and figure out how all the members can be benefited from this community.

8. Video content is dominating on Social Media

You can clearly see this thing by the introduction of IGTV in Instagram, Instagram is one of the major social media platform and thus every change that it makes counts.

Do you know how this famous Indian started out their journey? By creating videos on Facebook. Almost 75% of internet traffic was video in 2019 and it is expected to be more than 80% till the end of 2020.

If you are not creating or posting videos on your social media platforms. Start creating them today.

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Hope you enjoyed reading!

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