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Most Common Mistakes businesses make during Covid19 in Digital Platforms

Most Common Mistakes businesses make during Covid19 in Digital Platforms

Covid19 has takes over the whole world and it is common that businesses will be in loss and it can get worse with some mistakes that everyone is making.

But my friend we are with you so don’t worry, we will tell you what are the most common mistakes that many businesses and you are also making during this pandemic situation.

Here is the list of some of the most common mistakes probably you and most businesses are making during Covid19 :

1.The first and most common mistake is that you are stopping your activities on digital platforms or you are not yet on digital platform and still not willing to go on Digital Platforms.

2.Avoiding posting too much content around covid-19 as people are getting a lot of that from all other platforms and needs some fresh content.

3.Don’t close the doors for upcoming opportunities in down fall due to Covid19, keep on tracking behind the targets and also keep checking whether there is fish in the net that you have already plotted or not

4.Most of the business leaders are mistaking by thinking about the solutions of the pandemic instead of thinking about the solutions of problem going to occur to the business

5.The last and major mistake businesses are making is not communicating enough both internally and externally, this is not a vacation but it is the time to fight back

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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