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Social Media trends during COVID-19?

Social Media trends during COVID-19?

Covid19 which was in starting looking at bounded upto china only has taken over the world, and now has changed many things in the whole world. Undoubtedly Covid19 has also changed the trends on social media platforms.

In order to keep growing on social media especially on this time when majority of the people are spending their whole days on social media platform it is necessary to keep up with trends. 

Here a some of the social media trends during Covid19 : 


  1. Many brands are getting it high on content and also some brands are taking their way back on content. Observe and decide what is your call (It is always suggested to take advantage).
  2. Sponsored ads and paid campaigns are stopped or at least paused for a little time, now in this when brand has resources free which are before used for Paid campaigns are now using for community building.

  3. Personal branding is at the hype and this is seen specially on LinkedIn. This is due to so enthusiast business professionals are leveraging some of the time to provide some value and improve their personal brand.

  4. User generated content is taking a fair stage instead of sponsored ads.

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