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What to post and how often to post on Instagram?

What to post and how often to post on Instagram?

Instagram is considered as a media sharing platform rather than a social media platform. High Quality Images, Videos and visuals are generally seen on Instagram. 

This does not mean that you will upload any hq photos and videos and they will perform good there you need to be careful of what you put and also how often should you be posting on Instagram.

What to post on Instagram :

  1. Define your interest and start making content on it

  2. Short Video post is most popular on instagram so make video content with some engageble ways

  3. Stories are attraction of your profile so put a daily stories

  4. Don’t need to post in higher frequency but make post with quality content

  5. Provide your audience what they need

How often to post on Instagram : 2-3 post everyday according to your audience insights

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