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What to post and how often to post on LinkedIn?

What to post and how often to post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a little bit of professional and corporate platform where you can find most probably professional so you need to take care of your content a little bit here.

This does not mean at all that you will try to show what you are not and looses your originality but create your content wisely by aligning it with the platforms a little bit.

What to post on LinkedIn : 

  • LinkedIn allows you to post in various kinds of format, that is text copies, photos, videos and pdf documents also. LinkedIn also provides a platform to write articles and publish them for your audience.
  • LinkedIn itself promotes posts that are more relevant to business and corporate world with its pulse algorithm and also it will be helpful because more people on LinkedIn Likes to see professional content.

How often to post on LinkedIn : According to some studies it is recommended that you post at least once in a day (Make sure you don’t compromise quality for quantity)

Ex.:- Digipple’s LinkedIn Page

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