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What to post and how often to post on Youtube?

What to post and how often to post on Youtube?

Youtube is a bit different from other social platforms. Youtube has an integrated search engine which provides users a feature to search for content they want to use. People use Youtube as a platform to consume content and not for social networking. 

Which means you need to be careful of what you post, I mean people can once bare your direct sales pitch post on Instagram but they couldn’t bare this kind of content on YouTube, so here is the points that what to post on YouTube.

What to post on Youtube : 


  • First and most important thing, don’t forget to introduce yourself and your business in first few videos after starting to post.
  • Make and post problem solving content videos. Address the problems which are solved by your services and products.
  • Engage your audience with challenge videos, game videos or giveaway videos
  • Post content which can establish a personal connect between you or your brand and the audience


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