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E-mail Marketing

If digital marketing is a Group Party then email marketing is a professional coffee meeting.Well designed E-mail campaign for E-mail Marketing Strategy can be your hack to get the targeted lead.


Email Marketing is one of the best tactics that is retained from the old school of the digital marketing. If you are into a B2B business then my friend this is the thing for you to do , Email marketing campaigns using the correct E-mail Marketing Strategy will help you reach your targeted Business. Our team will design a perfect Email template based upon the campaign we will also help you crawl the emails of the targeted customers all over the globe for your Email marketing campaign

INTRODUCTION OF EMAIL MARKETING - Digipple Marketing & Advertising Company


After Getting your foot into your office in the morning what’s the first thing you do in the office ? Checking your mail inbox ! And every corporate does the same. With email marketing and a properly designed email campaign you can draw attention better than anything. Designing eye catching templates to scheduling for the perfect time , leave all the worries on us and be ready to reply the leads.


Only designing the templates and content in Email Marketing is just a part , Email marketing is only effective when your targeted audience opens and accomplish the task you defined in your metric. From designing templates to discovering the correct dates and time to submit the report of campaign according to your metric we do it all.

Features included in E-MAIL MARKETING SERVICES


  • Setup for email marketing tool for free (Premium accounts are chargeable as per price)
  • Template designing
  • Content writing for Email Marketing
  • A/B Testing*
  • Research and designing for Email Marketing Campaign
  • Creating and managing Email Campaign
  • Landing Page (Chargeable)
  • Post campaign reporting

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