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How to build a powerful Brand!

How to build a Powerful Brand

Remember your good old childhood days when you used to dream about your photograph on google. You are grown up now and you might be thinking same for your business aren’t you?

Getting your business’s image on google is a piece of cake know a days. But it is there not for you to search and look at it again and again. You always wanted it there so that other people can search for you and find your image there. You need to accept the fact that there are leaders and giants no matter in which industry you are.

Whenever people will search your industry or service or solution or product you offer chances are not so much high that they are going to find you out easily. This is the reason you need to establish a powerful brand specifically a digital brand.

Wait wait wait, don’t shut up the blog now a days branding is not meant only for big players. Digital branding has changed the game and today I am going to tell you how any business can establish a powerful brand.

Before getting into it I want to let you know that Digipple provided Digital Branding services that is not only for Big companies but for every business that wants to establish their brand over the digital channels.

Following are the points you need to establish a powerful brand

  1. Establish a clear persona
  2. Have clarity in your message
  3. Create Content your audience want
  4. Stay true to your brand building

1. Establish a Clear Persona

Before presenting yourself to people you must present yourself in front of you. Many great public speakers rehearse in front of mirrors several time before performing on the stage.

This activity establishes a clarity amongst inner self that how the brand is going to be portrayed in front of the outside audience.

Branding is crucial when it comes to establishment phase. A small miss communication can bring your all efforts down in the hell. Remember Nano? The product was fine, everything was good, just branding went wrong.

If you want that this doesn’t happens with you, first establish a clear persona inside yourself about your brand, rehearse it and after that try to go out.

2. Have clarity in your message

Anything that is strong has clarity in it, brand is not any exception. After creating and defining your persona and once you are clear about it, you need to analyse what kind of message you want to pass to the audience with that brand persona.

If you don’t have a clear message decided with your brand, then people will congest your message and perceive message by themselves.

Your message will get diversified and with diversification you could not build a strong brand. 

For Example think of cocacola, what comes in your mind? Open Happiness. Think of McDonalds, what comes in your mind? Family. Just like this one can when someone think of your brand name there should be a clear think that comes in your mind. 

3. Create Content that your audience want.

To create content that your audience want, first you need to build and target a niche audience. You could not accept to have a 55 year old guy interested in cricket and 20 year guy interested in football are your audience while your business is a basketball franchise. 

Due to this reason you need to first define your target audience and after that you will be capable to have a clear idea of what content your audience is demanding for. 

To be fortunate enough for having followers is great, but the game is won by those who retains it. 

If you want to win the game at branding your business digitally you need to create content that your audience want.

4. Keep your brand aligned on Omni Channel

If your instagram follower searches for your page on facebook and one of the company with same name but different suffix exists there and ranks better there. Now if you don’t have clearly aligned your identity on many platforms then your followers might get confused. 

Here comes the necessity of aligning the brand along all the channels you are present at. To be present there is just not enough and thus you need to align it over omni channels or all the available digital channels. 

Being a brand is not easy, yet it is not difficult today. Every business could become a brand digitally if you desire to be. Digipple provide Digital Branding services no matter how big or small is your business. We have something for all.


Hope you enjoyed reading!

Stay tuned for more updates or visit to digipple.com for more blogs.

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