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How to Increase organic traffic on your website by 360%

How to Increase organic traffic on your website by 360%

Did you know there are 1.7 billion active websites in this whole world of internet. You are competing between 1.7 billion competitors if you want to increase organic traffic on your website. These seems depressing about using your website and compete in this cut throat competition right? Wrong, here’s the catch.

Against the 1.7 billion websites there are approximately 5.6 billion searches performed on google. Do you think 5.6 billion searches happens in just one month? You are wrong, they just happen in a single day. Yes it is true. Which again motivates you to pick your your weapons and fight in the competition due to such an high audience available there.

Ranking your website is being difficult over and over with the time passing and to be frank it is very tightly coupled with the website traffic. There are several simple but uncommon tactics that could help you increase footfalls on website.

Why you are ranking but not getting footfalls on websites ?

But before getting deeper into the tactics, many of you might have this query that your website is doing really well with Rankings but not getting expected footfalls. Here’s the thing, before a moment I mentioned about ranking are not tightly coupled with traffic on your website.

You need to perform activities like Conversion Rate optimisation on your website along with SEO to achieve this goals. If you want this service for your website you can contact us.

Coming back to the topic today I am going to tell you some of very basic and uncommon tactics to Improve traffic on your website.

Tactic #1 : Find new keyword ranking opportunities :

No matter how strong or big your competitor is ranking on your favourite keywords. There is always going to be a gap in their keyword strategies. And there’s your opportunity. Their Gap your opportunity, you get it?

Use long tail keywords, LXI keywords, Local targeted keywords and similar. It is comparatively easy to rank on these and the twist is that they have really high search volume. Keywords are everywhere, just head on to a good good SEO tool and find the low hanging keywords that you can start by striking off.

Tactic #2 : Use blogs to increase keyword rankings quicker and faster :

Blogging or Content Marketing is a proven tactic to get more leads online. Do you know blogging can really help you to get your website rank quicker on keywords. Blog posting also increases your credibility and position your company as an expert in the Industry which increases conversions too.

While blogging you need to care about the topics. Blog will get users only who are finding solutions and not looking for your business. So keep your blogs always in a favour of a user perspective and not only your product or service perspective.

Tactic #3 : Fix and Reuse your nonperforming content :

Always remember, no matter how good your content is performing. Even if you have a small chunk of non performing content is is going to affect your website. Non-performing content could really come in the way of your other good performing contents.

Let me explain why, there is something call crawling budget of a website. Search engine decides to crawl number of pages on a particular website and if there’s a lot of non performing content, good content can be left un-crawled and can affect your rankings.

It is also not the best option to eliminate the non performing content from your website as you had spent many resources for it. Try to fix and reuse this content and make it performing.

Tactic #4 : Optimize your website for CTR

As we have discussed about many people have this query that they are doing well with rankings of their website still not getting enough of the visitors. This is because you are not focusing on conversion rate optimisation.

You are getting ranked well on google for your favourite keywords, great! But thats not enough. You want visitors right and you need to optimise your website for conversions if you need traffic and not just rankings.

Identify customer problem, write attractive and clickable titles and descriptions, correct your sitemap and get it indexed, by doing this things you can really rank your website on google.

Tactic #5 : Prepare your content to be in featured Snippets :

How common has you seen this kind of snippets when you search something on google, very frequently right? And chances are most of the times you have clicked on that website for more information and ignored others.

Imagine featured snippet of your website, how cool it would be. People will trust the featured snippet as it is featured by google and prefer your information above any other competitors ranking on the exact same thing.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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