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Social Media with major users and how to use them differently for your business.

Social Media with major users and how to use them differently for your business

There are thousands of social media platforms present on the internet across the globe, but luckily or unfortunately they all don’t have same amount of users and popularity and thus we are going to look at some of the top social media sites only.

Here I am not at all saying that you should not use all of them, I just want to say that which suits your business the best, put more efforts there. So let us start seeing it.


  1. Facebook :  Facebook is the social media with the highest number of users on it. The majority of people using Facebook on daily basis is the Generation revolving around Gen-X which means little bit of young-old age people are spending their time on Facebook, so if your target audience sounds like that you should definitely go to there.
  2. Instagram : The social universe of youngsters revolves around Instagram and that is the main reason why you should leverage it. If you are into some funky casual business where your clients are mostly youngsters and B2C’s then you should  consider Instagram for taking use in it.
  3. LinkedIn : Using LinkedIn is most suited for B2B companies as according to a research around 80% of B2B leads comes from LinkedIn and that is a great number. You should also leverage LinkedIn to acquire some good talent for your company.
  4. Youtube : Now Youtube has every kind of audience on It, from young to old but the question is that does your business is worth showing in videos to represent some of your products or services. If you are innovating or solving problem of something which can be greatly demonstrated with videos of daily life then you should leverage Youtube for it.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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