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Proven Social Media Marketing Growth Strategies in 2020!

Proven Social Media Marketing Growth Strategies in 2020!

I can challenge you that you don’t have a clear picture about what is social media growth. Let me ask you this, “What is social media growth for you?”. This might sound easy to answer but it is not.

You need to figure out the Key Performance Indicator firstly to make your plan become successful. For Example, some of you will be willing to grow your followers numbers on social media, while some might looking for engagement and some just for reaching out more people.

So first of all you need to have a definition of social media growth for you.

What is there in this blog, have a look at a glance.

Now if you have completed and figured out the definition of Social media growth for yourself then we are ready to have a look at some of the social media marketing growth strategies in 2020.

Following are the 5 social media marketing growth strategies in 2020

  1. Learn About demographic, Geographic, ethnographic and everything of your audience.
  2. Provide high quality Engageable & responsible content
  3. Numbers tells you something (Monitor your performance)
  4. UGC is the future
  5. Storytelling is inevitable

1. Learn About demographic, Geographic, ethnographic and everything of your audience.

I talked about having a clear definition of Social Media growth for you and hope that you have cleared it for yourself. Now think like you have an aim to grow 1000 followers on your Instagram page.

You aim it to grow In 20 days and at the end of 13 days you have achieved the goal. Are you successful? Yes? I am afraid to tell you no. Think it like you sell ice creams and from these 1000 followers around 900 of are prone to common cold.

They are never going to buy your ice cream. This shows that how much important it is to know about your audience. Demography, Geography, ethnography and every little detail about your target audience is important.

Learn deeply about your target audience and then figure out how to capture them, otherwise you will be progressing negatively.

2. Provide high quality engageable & responsible content

Before discussing about the quality of content, you need to understand this “Quality is defined from both visual and intellectual value of the content.”

Some people might argue this, but it is the truth. Now a days in the world of high resolution screens and cameras no body likes to look at poorly formatted and pixelated images or videos on social media. If you are making images then keep get some stock photographs from dedicated websites and not from google.

Pexels & Pixabay are some of the free stock photography website that provide high resolution stock images for free. Coming to the intellectual part, there is no shortage of content in this informational and internet world.

If you content is not unique at least try to make it’s delivery unique and that way you can differentiate from others and provide your users high quality content.

3. Numbers tells you everything (Monitor your performance)

Social Media is the game of numbers, higher your numbers, the higher your influence and the higher your power to generate revenue from social platforms. From reach to engagement numbers tell you everything.

Not only the results but the details of your users to geography, demography or any other detail number tells you everything. Keep an eye on the insights and you will never be out of sight.

4. UGC is the future

List out the brands social media handles you follow on social media and on the other side list out the name of influencers you follow on social media. I am pretty sure that 99% of people reading this blog will have a list of influencers higher on your list.

This is the power of UGC (User Generated Content). If you want your business to thrive invite the humans there and let them create your content.

I am writing your blog on 21-06-2020 and recently a brand call Mivi has ran a campaign on social media in which they invited top influencers to handle their social media page for a whole day. This is the power of UGC.

Leverage the human touch despite of only animated videos and images.

5. Storytelling is inevitable

Whoever don’t like hearing stories from our grannies when we were a kid while sleeping. Today is no exception, we love to watch someone telling stories online and fall in love with that piece of content. 

Don you know why this happens? It is because we have emotions connected with the stories and emotions are the basis of any story. 

Humans are social animals and thus they are always ready to love the stories they hear which makes story telling inevitable.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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