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Approximately 70,000 search queries are done on Google every second and around 4.5 billion websites competing to rank on the top results in google search engine result pages (SERP). Only 30% of total users on google scrolls down below the top 5 results and the rest 67% only visit to the top 5 results. Some of the questions can arise in your mind like Why this much competition? How can I rank my website on top pages? and many more.

Top ranking pages don’t have a Genie (Stolen from Aladdin) that fulfil their wish, but they hire a good, effective and result driving Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service Company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Digipple SEO Company has a very talented and well-certified team to provide effective SEO services that can make you rank in top results on Google SERP without a Genie. We give in our efforts and some unique long-term strategies and planning to accomplish your goals.

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    Have SEO Doubts like below?

    Do you also think
    SEO is Dead in 2021.

    Is SEO still alive in the year of 2021?

    Google gets millions of queries and requests every minute. Then how google decide that whom to rank at top. Also as per the very strict google policy, it is not changing the top ranking website that frequently. Think for a second, why google should rank you at the top? All this SEO Experts saying that can rank you on the top are saying the truth? Do you think that you can rank your website on top in just one night?


    Ok, that’s enough, we agree with all the above facts, but this is not the complete story. There is no alternative of hard work and consistency. Google changes their algorithms a lot, on the other side google Also values the quality content and the solution you provide to the users. Long term SEO strategies made with keeping google’s policies in mind with continuous efforts, believe me google will not let you down.


    And yes straight answer to your question, SEO is not dead but it has just become more competitive.

    How Google Search Engine Works?

    Do you ever wonder how Google decides whom to rank on the top pages? Google have some small automated programs or bots who crawl the web and know as crawlers. Now you will be thinking how this crawlers works? How they decide that who is going to rank on the top?


    Crawlers and ‘Spiders’ search the web and take notes of your titles and other meta tags in your website. They work in a associative way and scans your complete website to find out and explore your whole website.

    Wondering why took SEO from us?

    This is what makes Digipple's SEO service different.


    Content Based SEO

    There is a fish you need in every digital pond, we believe in throwing the hook at the right place and not where our expertise stays.


    Practiced by Google Policies

    Google has changed its SEO algorithms around 5,000 times in last year. Thus it becomes necessary to understand and align with Google’s policy for SEO.


    Omni-Channel Approach

    Your audience in not only using Google to find you, they are also present on other mediums also so why not to use an Omni Channel Approach in SEO?


    Searcher's Query Solution

    There is a fish you need in every digital pond, we believe in throwing the hook at the right place and not where our expertise stays.


    Technical Advancement

    Google has changed its SEO algorithms around 5,000 times in last year. Thus it becomes necessary to understand and align with Google’s policy for SEO.


    Advanced CRO Included

    If your user want to know more about your services, do you have any Buttons or proper navigation planning to guide your user and solve their problems?

    Digipple's Effective SEO Process

    Digipple is a prominent SEO Company that provides quality SEO Services along with results and that only comes with discipline. This Discipline makes us most loved SEO Company in  Ahmedabad, Gujarat by our Clients!

    Step 1

    Research, Preplan & Analysing your current status

    To be honesh, we want to be clear here and tell you frankly that first we have to research about your company and it’s current status and scenario of performance. Where you stand right now is going to be the start point for SEO

    Step 2

    Tools setup, Google Setup & Strategy formation

    After the research and other statistical work, it is time to do some action in form of gathering resources and setting up tools. Strategy for your complete SEO work is also formed and given shape during this phase.

    Step 3

    Strategic deployment : On-page & Off-page SEO.

    Strategies, tools and action! Everything is ready and we are also ready to boost traffic on your website with On-page and Off-page SEO. Title & Meta tags optimization, Link building, local listing, content optimisation, conversion rate optimisation and many other task are executed.

    Step 4


    Kaizen means continuous improvement by analysing and evaluating your previous performances. After the completion of all the above steps we ‘Kaizen’ to improve and overcome the short falls of the strategy.

    Get your SEO Done
    with proper expertise

    Digipple's SEO

    Experienced & Expertise in SEO

    Our SEO Executives has above 3 years of experience doing SEO Practically in getting results is their expertise.


    Customized Tools

    Digipple use customised and advanced tools for SEO friendly content which directly reflects in quality of results.


    Long Term Planning

    Digipple use customised and advanced tools for SEO friendly content which directly reflects in quality of results.


    Approach aligned to algorithms

    Google is the decider of whom to rank in results and understanding it gives lead.


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    Why Choose Digipple's SEO Services?

    Detailed Research and Analysis

    Digipple's SEO focus on understanding your audience and industry. Understanding it helps Digipple's SEO to provide quality with better UX by solving searchers problem.

    We follow Google's Policies.

    Google is the controller of the SERP. Google decides whom to rank first by some parameters and some defined policies. Following google's policies can help you rank in top.

    Content Based SEO Services.

    Content is the King and you may had heard many times. Do you want to experience in SEO also? Digipple's SEO Content always works based on the foundation which is build by content.

    Omni Channel Consultation

    Why only work on website if you can get traffic from different channels also? Digipple along with SEO provides you the complete Omni-Channel Consultation and provides help.

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    Many people can have dilemma or can face some problem in Search Engine Optimization. No matter what, if you have any queries related to our service or have. problem with your website you can call our experts and they will solve your problem for free.

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    We are proud of ourselves only because of our clients and none other. See what you are going to think of us in future as a Digital Marketing Company.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much time it takes to rank my Keywords?

    The time totally depends on what is the keyword. Generally we take 3-6 month to rank a keyword, but if sometimes keyword difficulty is high then it takes more than six months. If you want to know exact time to rank keywords, just E-mail us your keywords,

    Does Digipple’s SEO Guaranteed Rank my Keyword?

    For Sure, once we analyse the given keywords, our SEO Experts will give a detailed plan and what it takes to rank the given keywords.

    How Do I Measure ROI? How Could I check progress of my SEO Services?

    A Detailed Report will be shared with you every 15 Days or Every month depending upon your package which will have all the matrics to measure ROI and progress

    What if my Keyword is not ranked? Is there any Refund Policy?

    If we take your project, there are no chances that your keyword will not rank. Unfortunately if such scenario happens, we will continue work until we rank your keywords.

    Can I get a free SEO Consultation to know more about SEO Services?

    This is a no question to ask, Digipple always believes in Helping businesses grow with Digital Marketing Feel free to call us on 9099966738 for free consultation

    How Small businesses can leverage SEO?

    If you are a shoe brand and you are ranking first on Red Shoes in Ahmedabad then you don't need to leverage SEO, otherwise you do!

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