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Social Media Marketing

Connecting your audience emotionally and giving support to solve your audience’s problem on social media will create an emotional attachment and trustworthiness between you. Social Media Marketing Is thus the best path to increase you brand awareness and brand equity.


No matter what demography , they are all present out there on social media and of course you need an excellent social media Marketing strategy to reach them organically and a good Social media marketing agency to design a campaign for you. Still wandering about a demographics here’s a clear picture if you are in B2B Industry try getting on Linked In or Twitter , If you hold roots in B2C try to reach you audience on YouTube or Facebook , If you want to target a young demographics Instagram will be best for you. If you Don’t have presence on the social media we will also help you with that and create a very appealing social media page of yours with a well optimized social media strategy.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING - Digipple Marketing & Advertising Company


Unable to reach the targeted audience on the social media and thus not able to grow your presence on the social media will ultimately cut down your sales. Social Media Marketing can really help you reach your potential and highly targeted customers in your constraints. Getting started to make a brand value and establishing your product as a brand in the market , Social media is the way to get more eyeballs and make your product hyped.


Having a list of unique and efficient social media tactics that are pre used and full proof makes it lucrative to choose the Digipple’s social media marketing services , sshhhhhhh! These tactics are very secret don’t speak it loud.

Features included in SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING


  • Account audit on social media platforms like Facebook , Linked in , Twitter , Instagram , Youtube and more .
  • Account setting up on demand (Chargeable)
  • Account content (Name & description) optimisation
  • Profile and cover image optimisation
  • Timeline design (As per your pack)
  • Text post , Image post , Researching proper hashtags for post
  • Posting with regular frequency (Frequency depends upon your pack)
  • Joining relevant groups and lists and posting in it
  • Engagement with you audience in comments and replies
  • Liking similar pages
  • Quizzes, puzzles, polls, giveaways and more (As per demand)
  • Insight reports
  • Fortnightly Performance reports
  • Post project detailed report

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