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Things you should care while growing on Youtube in Covid19?

Things you should care while growing on Youtube in Covid19

People are bored at homes and finding a lot of content to watch in their Quarantine time, but this does not mean that they will watch any kind of quality less content on online platforms.


Nobody wants to see the product commercials of what you are selling, but they want to see some entertaining and informative content.


Let’s see what things you should take care while growing on Youtube in Covid19 : 


Take care of your content planning, balance it between short term and long term as you don’t know how much this situation is going to last and content is obviously going to be different in both situations.

      1. Think of your content by putting yourself in the audience’s shoes, they are already frustrated so make sure you don’t frustrate them more with just talking about your product or service in the video.
      2. Take care of the length of the video time and research about what kind of length and content your competitors (Video competitors) are putting and performing well.
      3. Plan your content in a flow such that if the viewer watch one of your video, he would be encouraged to watch another. This could be also done why creating playlists.
      4. Youtube offers search feature to viewers so you should take care of the titles and keywords also and not only content because if you are new people will not come to your searching your name but it will work other way around.
      5. Take care of your thumbnails and starting part of video as they are deciding factor that if the viewer is going to stay or not!

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