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Graphics Design & it’s types

Graphics Design & it’s types

It’s 2020, it’s digital, it’s booming, it’s visuals and it’s visuals and it’s visuals. Digital revolution has emerged into the rise of graphics design. Graphics Design has boomed due to digital channels, Right? Wrong!

Graphics and Designing was present way before we even introduced ourselves to digital channels, even the televisions. How? That’s an excellent question

Have a look at the picture below,

The above picture is the map of state of province of Skyrin which was present 100’s of years ago and yes it is a part of graphics designs.

The posters of melas and the letter to the royal emperors all are the part of evolution of graphics design.

We and most of the people mistake graphics design only with digital visuals but the posters we see on crossroads, the packaged food packets and even the design cover of our mobile phones everything is comprised of graphics design.

Today I will be taking you through some of the most useful and modern types of graphics design.

Types of Graphics Design

  1. Visual Identity Design
  2. Marketing & Advertising Graphics
  3. User Interface Design
  4. Publication Graphics Design
  5. Package Designs
  6. Environmental Graphics Design
  7. Art & Illustrations Design

1. Visual Identity Design

Visuals and Graphics are the inseparable and an important part of branding for a company. A brand is a relation between the organisation and audience. Most of the audience out there is present online for any business and thus we are left with engaging visuals senses of the audience as much as possible.

Have a look below and comment down what you feel just after looking at it.

Look at the elegance of the images, the colours and message of their images. Golden and black blends the perfect combination of the luxury and lavishness. These were some of the example of the properly designed Visual Identity Design.

Following are some more examples of the same, also you could know more about our branding services

2. Marketing & Advertising Graphics

When ever anyone in the room says Graphics Design, Branding is the second word that strikes but the first word strike our heads is the graphics created for Marketing & Advertising of a company.

Companies depend on digital marketing and traditional poster marketing these days. Every exhibit in the marketing consists 90% of visual all the time. Great marketing attracts people and great sales sells great. To make people attract and catch eyeballs Amazing and eye capturing graphics are essential.

Following are the examples of Marketing Graphics Design :

  1. Post Cards
  2. Flyers
  3. Magazine
  4. Post, Banners & Bill Board
  5. Infographics
  6. Brochers
  7. E-mail Templates
  8. Social Media ads
  9. Banners
  10. Images for Website & Blogs

3. User Interface Design

Imagine you had done great branding of your company, now think you are running a great ad campaign and there is a equally great response from the campaign.

People are coming to your website, but here is the disaster. Your bounce rate is going through the roofs. This shows the sign that you have not focused on the UI/UX design and thats why it performs a great role in designing.

Any User Interface includes every thing that a user finds on the platform from Interacting with UI to the experience he/she has on the platform.

Simplicity and easiness is the new trend, look at some of the most astonishing UI examples below.

These UI’s are quiet similar utilising the minimal approach and having 2 base major colours. But the only difference is the dimensions. UI’s are generally designed for Mobile, Tablet and Desktops size which all three are different.

Games, Tools, Analytics, applications and  more should include the UI designing.

4. Publication Graphics Design

Press Releases, News, Company’s Magazine, Newsletter, Cover Pages and name it for the press and everything included designing.

Don’t you get bored reading whole newspaper and thus you read only headings and highlights.

Heading are kept big and bold and the highlights are kept bold for a reason. The elements of white space and the alignments, every minor details matter when it comes to proper reading design.

Books, Newsletters, Directories, Annual Reports, Catalogs, Magazines, Newspapers and more are all the examples of publication graphics design.

Publication designing should take care of one most important things that is communication and should be conscious about how their design is going to communicate with the reader.

5. Package Designs

Any product available in the market requires packaging, rather it is the cardboard box or a plastic bottle, a ceramic container or any metallic case, they all needs to be designed aligning their brand identity along with the packaging design.

Apple, McDonalds and many other brands who have excellent designing policies focus and invest greatly in their package designing.

Well designed packages insures the concept in the users mind and make them feel the brand as the part of their own self. User experience and feeling is kept at the top most priority when it comes to package designing.

You can have a look at the above images that complies of the most attractive and brand aligned packages designed to indulge users in the product.

6. Environmental Graphics Design

Let it be apple’s spaceship office, or amazon’s igloo, they all are first designed in computers to convert them into reality and this is only possible because of beautifully designed graphics.

Environmental graphics design complies of anything or any design that is going to be present in 3 Dimension out there in the environment. What was the last time you visited an astonishingly designed building or an office and suddenly a word or appreciation comes out of your mouth and your mood suddenly changes.

Environmental designs affect greatly the behaviours and mindset of the person interacting within it. Following are some of the example of Environmental design.

7. Art & Illustrations Design

Designs are evolving and it has given the the rise to the world of illustration and vector art. Illustration are now taking over the social media and website images. Illustrations are vector arts are preferred due to a reason.

So much of commercial streams are given born due to graphics illustrations and vector arts. Vector arts have given scale to motion graphics, t-shirts and clothings, Comic Characters and many more.

Look at some of the crazy illustrations below which had impact over the viewers.

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Hope you enjoyed reading!

Stay tuned for more updates or visit to digipple.com for more blogs.

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