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What efforts to avoid on digital platforms while Covid19?

What efforts to avoid on digital platforms while Covid19?

Yes, we know that internet traffic is continuously growing during these Pandemic situation and you will probably think that this is the right time to give in all the efforts on digital platforms so that we can get advantage as much as possible.

Now some people might also think that why to put in efforts when you have no business at all during these pandemic. No business leads or no money circulation is coming to my business so why should I put in efforts for digital channels.

Now let me tell you that you both are right because there is something you should care and put in efforts in digital platforms and also there are something which you should avoid giving your efforts on during this pandemic.

In today’s answer we will cover where you should avoid giving your efforts on digital platforms during thins pandemic.

Following areas should be out of your focus while giving efforts on Digital Platforms :

  1. Don’t waste your efforts and time writing copies for sales promotion and product selling rather focus on branding and providing value addition.
  2. Don’t make efforts to find new ways for sales through online channels thinking this is time to experiment as nobody is going to buy. By doing this you are missing very potential prospects.
  3. Don’t put in much efforts in building strategies for post pandemic while keeping old tech and scenario in mind as a lot of things are going to change.
  4. You should not forget your existing clients and audience in the flare of getting new audience, so don’t just put all your efforts in building new audience but also take care of your existing audience.

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