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What is B2B Content Marketing and how it works

What is B2B Content Marketing and how it work

Everything you are watching on Internet is Content. Content Makes the internet usable and the internet makes the content marketing viable. Content Marketing has always proved to be the most favourite amongst the Marketers.

Content Marketing for B2C is comparatively easy as compared to that of B2B and thus we need to understand the difference and use B2B content marketing if you are in a B2B business.

If you call on an influencer who makes comedy sketches and promote your B2B service/product in his/her content then obviously its not going to work. Random comments or blogs or articles will just be the piece of content lying in some corner of your website and taking up the space.

What is B2B Content Marketing?

As we all know that Content Marketing is the art of using content to promote your business/product /service on different channels.

Thus B2B Content Marketing is the art of using Content over the various channels to expand your business, audience and ultimately using it to sell your product/services to your business audience.

The main thing that draws a fine line between the B2B & B2C Content Marketing is the Content itself. So in our next section we are going to discuss the same in detail.

Difference between B2C & B2B content marketing

Speaking about the Content, that is what makes the change. B2C Content is something where you want to go viral and reach to more and more people, but this is not the case with the B2B Content Marketing.

With B2B Content marketing the main thing that you want to keep in focus for your content for B2B is the Business value of it. Now what is the Business Value? Let me explain.

A business value of the content shows how much your content is valuable from a business perspective, and how much likeable it would be to sell your product or to make someone interested in your product.

For Ex: If apple writes a blog about fitness and only talks about how you can stay fit, they are wasting the content. But if they promote how apple watch could help you to stay fit then the blog becomes valuable from a business perspective.

How to Generate Ideas for Content Marketing

As we discussed in the previous section about creating Content with High Business Value, but as we know generating content ideas and content is no joke. So how you could get content Ideas for B2B Content Marketing.

Here’s the things that you need to concentrate while creating and generating ideas for Content the first is your audience and the second is the analytics and data.

You should carefully notice that what are your target audience, do a purchase manager takes decision or a Marketing manager takes decision to buy your product/service. Analyse that what their interests are like, what kind of business they are in?

For the second thing you will require some of the tools, a vast variety of Content is already available on the Internet. You just need to analyse and extract what is performing good and what is not.

Tools like buzz sumo & Answer the public helps you find out the new content ideas from the internet. But wait a second, to make your content perform you first need to promote it on the several channels. In the next section we are going to discuss the same.

How do you promote your B2B Content

Promoting your B2B Content is crucial. You need to identify first that where your audience is spending their time.

Most of us think that Content Spreads into small groups first and after that spreads to larger groups, but it happens only some of the time. Most of the time the reverse happens, and the content first reaches to the large Audience and some of them share it and after that some share it and then it reaches to most of the people.

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Hope you enjoyed reading!

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