What Is Brand Identity? : An Ultimate Guide

Chapter 6: Brand Identity and Brand Design Guide

What Is Brand Identity?

A brand is that which defines your business. So in today’s scenario, there are thousands of businesses running so for standing unique a company needs a strong brand identity. The concept of brand identity contains great importance not only in the terms of meaning but also in the terms of influencing users. Before starting anything let us discuss a question of substantial importance on which this whole article revolves.

  • “What is Brand Identity?”

In simple words, you can say a brand design or brand identity a visual and a verbal expression of the brand. Visual elements such as color, logo, and design make it stand unique, which helps in making a special image of it in the customer’s mind. Whereas identity is the aspect that forms an overall part. The brand design identifies the company’s goals, demands and it’s a message for customers. 

  • It specifically consists of 8 component:-
  1. Logo
  2. Name of the company
  3. Headline/Tagline
  4. Colour Palette
  5. Typography
  6. Graphic elements
  7. Voice
  8. Imagery

Your branding design must psychologically persuade the people. It should be what that conveys positive and promising qualities and messages.

Sometimes people misunderstand the term brand design with branding. Let’s make you clear about branding. ‘Branding’ can be termed as the marketing practices that are actively done to shape a distinct brand. Now let us discuss what you do for branding design that can take your business to a next level. Tight up your belts for a successful journey after reading this.

Develop a Strong Brand Identity:-

Know yourself, who you are, what you really want to do to make an immense business. Ask yourself some questions as a brand like

  • What’s the aim of your brand?
  • On what believes you run your company?
  • What can you do to make your brand stand unique?
  • If your brand was a person what qualities you want that people see in it.
  • The voice of your brand.

Before starting your own business you must know the answer to all these questions.

Let us take a look at the building blocks of a brand design.

Building Blocks of Brand Design:-

  • Typography:-

The typography of your brand refers to the type of font that you select for building your brand. If you are wise in it then your business will also be wise to you. The kinds of brand typography include –

  1. Serif Fonts:-

    This can be considered as a classic type of typography if you want to represent your brand as traditional and trustworthy.

    It looks like an anchor at the bottom of letters looks like afoot.

  2. Sans Serif:-

    They don’t have a foot-like structure at the bottom, have smooth edges, and give a sleek and modern touch to your brand.

  3. Script:-

    Script typography gives a feel of cursive writing. It can be used to give luxurious and a modern touch to your brand.

  4. Display:-

    If you want to make a bold and colossal brand or statement then the display font will be best for you as it has its own class and choice.
  • Colour Palette:-

Colors make a psychological tie with the customers. Here are the names of few colors that can give your brand a unique sense

  1. Purple:-It gives a royal touch so it’s best for the brands that are going to give a feel of royalty and luxury.

  2. Black:-If you want to give a sophisticated look to your brand then this color of the class is best for you.

  3. Green:-It is a versatile color and it can be immensely used for any kind of brand. But with this, if your brand is connected with nature then this is the best choice.

  4. Red:-If your brand is loud and youthful then you can go with it as it is the color of excitement and passion.

  5. Pink:-Pink is generally tied with femininity. If your brand is related or targeted to women then pink should be a definite color. It can also be used when a feel of luxury has to be given.
  • Shapes:-

While branding design you must take care of and think about shapes and forms. It’s not a substantial factor but an effective factor. This is how different shapes can give you brand identity

  1. Straight Lines:-

    Each straight line has its own significance. The horizontal line gives a feeling of tranquility, whereas vertical lines give a feeling of strength and power.

  2. Round shape:-Brands that want to give a sense of community and love, the round shape figures like circles, ellipses, ovals will be best as they give a feel of warmth and fuzziness.

  3. Straight Shapes:-Squares, triangles, and circles give a feel of efficiency and strength. The straight shapes making no sense gives a feel of trustworthiness and stableness. But if they are not used with the right colors then they can fail in their duties.

Design a Strong Brand Identity:-

You have learned about the building materials of your brand design. Now you can design your brand and can identify your business. There are various elements on which your branding design depends. For example for a hotel to flourish it must have a great menu and a beautiful serene physical space whereas a multimedia website or a digital marketing agency must have a good website structure and great social media pages. Elements for branding design include,


Website is one of the most important aspects of your brand identity. Your website should be such where all the details and services about your business should be mentioned. If you are having an online business or digital marketing services then it’s very important for you to have a colossal website.


Logo design acts like a superstar in a movie. There are few points that you must keep in mind while designing your brand with a designer

  • It should be visually attractive.
  • You must use images and texts that clearly define your brand and its values.
  • It should be unique and look classy, it must not be a trending one.
  • Gives a forever remembering impression.
  • Matches with the heights and standards of your company.

Business Cards:-

If you are running a business, business cards will act as stock into it. A card with a wonderful and sober design can give a positive opinion in the views of clients. Business cards must be kept simple, logos of your company at one corner and the details of the business at the center must suffice to fulfill the goals of your business.

Packaging of Products:-

If your company is related to an online business or you have to physically deliver the products and services then product packaging is a key aspect of brand identity. From the smallest product to the biggest product, good packaging for all can increase the rate of trust and loyalty in the client’s mind for you. It can make your branding design shine.

Email Designing:-

Email is a great way to get and engage customers. But for this to you must apply a proper strategy, don’t spam uselessly on your client’s account. You must first ask them for the email sign in to send regular emails while they are signing in on your websites. Also, your emails must be short and comprehending. The format of your email must be readable, graspable, and scannable, if you want you can also add few relatable images to pop. If you are emailing about products then images can add wonder.


Your brand identity is what makes you endless and consistency is a key to it therefore be consistent in everything that you apply to your brand identity. Brand identity must be such that actually portrays your company and its values. If you are having trouble in figuring out anything regarding your brand identity and business then don’t mind asking such questions from yourself,

  • How you must do better than everyone else?
  • How would you describe your brand in 3-4 words?
  • What makes you special?
  • Why did you start the business?
  • What are the values that make customers believe in you?
  • How do you want your customers to define you?

As of now, you are all set to nail your brand identity it’s your time to start designing and give your business new heights.



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