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What is Digital Advertising?

What is Digital Advertising? How It Can Be the Best Friend of Your Business?

No, no, no, no, no I am not at all talking about Digital Marketing, Digital Advertising is totally different from Digital Marketing, so let’s understanding about Digital Advertising in this blog.

Digital Marketing is an organic way to grow your business online. I Mean you need to pay a company or your employee but you can use Digital Channels for free in Digital Marketing.

But Digital Advertising demands for some budget, no matter big or small the thing is, you need to spend an amount for using channels in Digital Advertising.

Do you use any social media platform? Then you might have come across a post in which sponsored is written at top. That is a paid ad and you are their target audience.

And if anytime in your life you had clicked on that advertisement, they had become successful in their Digital advertising campaign. Do you want to run such a successful advertising campaign and get more leads?

Then there are two ways, learn more in this blog about Digital Advertising, or you can contact us as Digipple provides some best returns providing Digital Advertising services in class.

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So let me first clear about what exactly is Digital Advertising, so you can understand every upcoming sections in this blog better.

What is Digital Advertising ?

Definition : Digital Advertising also called as Internet Advertising is an approach when businesses leverages paid features on Internet or Digital Platforms for promotional activities of their business, products or Services.

To make it easy to understand,

In digital advertising you have to pay for using the Digital Channels in more intensive way to promote your offerings

Believe me, you had experienced and being targeted atleast one time in your lifetime about by Digital Advertising if you use any Digital Platform.

Digital Advertising leverages the trustability and authenticity of the popular digital platforms on which you advertise like Facebook, Instagram, Google and more.

Knowing only what is Digital Advertising is not enough, you need to understand that how it works and what magic it can add to the sales chart of your business.

According to a study, 64% of online buyers had bought the product by influence of a type of Digital Advertising on social media or other digital platforms.

Let us Understand that why Digital Advertising has become so much successful!!

Are you standing? Then sit because I am going to present some of the amazing facts about how powerful and useful is Digital Advertising.

Why it has become so successful !

There are many reasons behind the success and trend of Digital Advertising like you can reach to your perfectly targeted audience, you have some powerful features to track where you are spending, and also because it is not the Traditional Advertising.

Before seeing in detail that why Digital Advertising has become so much successful let me prove that it is really successful or not?

Facebook sums up the total ads revenue in the year of 2019 around 17.4 Billion $ which is around 28% increase year over year.

On the other side google totals the revenue from ads in 2019 around 40.5 Billion $ from all its platforms which is approx double compared to the previous year which is 24.5 Billion $.

This shows that businesses are continuously keeping pouring their money into Digital Advertising.

Now let us see some points that why Digital Advertising has become so much successful.

  • Reach the most targeted people
  • Flexibility of the way to convey message (Image, text, audio or video)
  • Powerful tools and features to track and measure results
  • Better scope of improvement in strategies
  • Multiple channels and options available for every segment of business
  • It’s not traditional advertising, where you have only limited option
  • Digital Advertising is a lot cheaper than traditional advertising
  • Good and measurable returns on what you spend
  • Internet has become a lot cheaper and easily accessible
  • 34% of search on google is done only for a particular product

Hope that I covered almost all the major points that had contributed to make Digital Advertising successful.

Also one more success story, recently we at Digipple has promoted and digital advertised a book Startup to Scaleup and ran a campaign on instagram. The message reached to around 10,000 people at the cost of just 900 INR in 3 days.

If you are convinced that Digital Advertising is successful and very useful, then let us get into little deeper with what are the types and options that Digital Advertising offers your to Advertise your business.

When it comes to the options, any Digital thing will have a bag full of it to offer you. Same is the story with Digital Advertising. Let’s see what Digital Advertising has to offer us.

Types of Digital Advertising :

  • PPC (Pay-Per-click)
  • CPM/CPC (Cost-Per-Matrix or Cost-Per-Click)
  • Retargeted Advertising/ Display Advertising
  • OTT Advertising

Hola, you are still here.

Thats good,

You are a good reader, now let us quickly and briefly understand the above mentioned types of Advertisements.

1. PPC Advertisement(Pay-Per-Click)

PPC Advertisement or Pay-Per-Click Advertisement as the name suggests, is an approach where you pay to the Digital Platform only when someone clicks on your advertisement.

This is one of the most popular and used type in Digital Advertisement and is best suited for Medium Businesses.

Getting deeper, in PPC Advertisement you don’t need to pay if 1000 people see your advertisement and not a one of them click on that.

You don’t have to pay for number of viewers, readers or listeners. You only need to pay the amount on total number of clicks.

As mentioned the metrics used for counting the total pay of this advertisement is the number of clicks.

For this type of Advertisements you have to bid on certain keywords and other certain factors and the one who pays more, gets the higher rankings in the advertisements.

For Example, if you bid 3$ per click and someone bid 4$ a click you appear 2nd and he will appears first. But if someone gets to this SERP and look at the first one’s advertisement and don’t click but click on 2nd that is yours.

Then the first one don’t have to pay for that view but you need to pay for that click.

Search Engines like Google, Yahoo online music streaming platforms like Saavn and Spotify support and provide this kind of Advertisement services and features.

As you will require a company for this you can check how greatly and optimally digipple provides PPC Advertising services by clicking here.

2. CPC/CPM Advertisement(Cost-Per-Matrix or Cost-per-click)

CPC/CPM advertisement is kind of Advertisement in which you decide the purpose of the advertisement campaign and then decide the metric for result and price accordingly.

For Example, if your goal is to get more traffic on website, you should go with the number of visitors to website. If your target is to create Brand Awareness then you should go with the number of viewers etc.

Thus CPC/CPM allows you to decide on what matrix you need to pay for.

Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn & everyone’s favourite Instagram provide this kind of Advertisement features and services.

Now here’s the thing, CPM/CPC are really useful for small businesses.

First reason is because they are lot cheaper than PPC Advertisements.

Second reason is that they offers you a lot more easier and subtle targeting and deploying options so you don’t need to think much about it.

CPC/CPM can be really useful for your business if you hire a Digital Advertising company like Digipple. You can know more about our Facebook Instagram and LinkedIn Advertising services by clicking here.

3. Retargeted/ Display Advertising

Retargeted or Display Advertising is the advertising approach in which you retargeted the viewer or the person who has came to your funnel but not completed the goal by Displaying the banner representing that product again.

Let’s look at the example for the sake of Easiness.

Suppose you went to a E-commerce website and searched for a black jeans.

You are scrolling and you wish listed few items from the whole list, now due to some reason you cancelled the idea of buying and removed the black jeans from the wish-list.

The other day you are scrolling on the web and suddenly a banner representing the same piece of black jeans popped up out of no where.

You are watching videos on Youtube and the same banner again popped up.

This time it popped up with a label of 50% discount and now you are motivated to buy that product. This is known as Retargeting or Display Advertising.

In this you retarget your audience by displaying banners of your product or service again and again.

4. OTT Advertising

OTT Advertising includes all the approach of Advertising that included the use of Video streaming platforms like Youtube, Hotter and more.

Videos are the trend and around 75% of internet traffic comes from video streaming.

Have you ever dreamt of yourself coming on television in advertisements between the movies or TV Shows.

Here’s your chance to get your company’s advertisement between the movies and TV Shows on this kind of OTT Platforms.

OTT platforms like Youtube and Hotter provides really cheaper advertising compared to that of Television.

Digipple also provides OTT Advertising services on various OTT Platforms which you can check out by Clicking here.

Heya! You had come so far which means you are really interested in this concept.

Now let us see that how important is Digital Advertising for your company to grow in today’s Digital World.

Why Digital Advertising has become so important ?

One word answer, the great migration.

Today’s generation(which makes the majority of online shoppers) hardly spend anytime watching television because of two major things.

First is availability at the time and second is the control over what to watch?

People are now spending more and more time on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and etc. Users now prefer to watch movies on Netflix and Amazon prime and they more over prefer to watch web series than movies.

People are now using mobile applications to watch regular TV Shows and don’t use television.

Even if hardly someone switch ons the television they will watch Netflix or Amazon prime in that.

Also the great increase in E-commerce facilities and decrease in rates of Internet has made people migrate from traditional platform to digital online platforms.

Due to this reason Digital Advertising are important and so much impactful to grow your business online.

How it can become the best friend of your business ?

There is a lot of pro’s when it comes to Digital Advertising but here are the best of them which can be really helpful if you have a small or medium business.

1. It is Affordable as well as Scalable :

You might have heard that Digital Advertising is really expensive and it costs a lot. But when you break down the whole cost and look at what kind of ROI it can provide, believe me they are lot cheaper.

Also I mentioned that it is scalable which also means that you can start small.

If you want to just give it a try you can try advertising by spending only 1-2$ a day and then scale it if you see some ROI coming back on what your are spending.

2. Results are fast and Measurable :

The thing with traditional marketing is you need to book slots, pass tenders, and wait for confirmation after that gather the materials and advertise.

But digitally there’s enough space for all of us which means you don’t need to wait much for the queue.

Once you set up and publish any kind of advertisement on any kind of Digital Advertising platform your advertisement will be live in just 24 hours.

Also you cannot really measure that how many people had watched or interacted with your traditional advertisement but digital advertising offers you powerful features for measuring as well as tracking your advertising campaign.

3. It doesn’t discriminate :

No Matter you are a big organisation or a small business. There is option for all of you and the good thing is the Digital Platforms don’t also discriminate.

Even if you have a small business then also you will be able to afford the cost ohh sorry the investment of Advertising.

I would suggest that if you are a small business, you should start today with Digital Advertising and step your business towards a big organisation.

Digipple provides some various kinds of Digital Advertising services that are really good return providing. You can check out by clicking just here.

I really appreciate that you had completed reading the whole blog and if you really liked the blog and you think it added some value to your life don’t forget to share it.

Also you can check more amazing content on our Social Media Handles.

Digipple also provides some creative and outstanding Digital Branding Services, to learn more about that you can click here.

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