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What is Digital Marketing?

Do you know what Digital Marketing Is? 3 Things you are missing in knowing Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is has become today’s fashion. Digital Marketing is one of the most common word that you can hear in today’s ‘Digital World’.

There are thousands of blogs explaining you following things :

  • What is Digital Marketing ?
  • How Digital Marketing is done ?
  • Why you should choose Digital Marketing ?
  • How could you get Started with a Digital Marketing ?
  • What are the benefits of Digital Marketing ?

And many more, including the lots of videos related to Digital Marketing present on YouTube.

Still we are writing this, & you should also read this let me tell you why!!

It’s because you still lack knowledge in Digital Marketing, let me give you an example.

Do you know who was the first ever Digital Marketer?

It was Guglielmo Marconi (this man invented the radio).

Ok Sorry! I was just having some fun with you, let us get back to the point.

Digital Marketing is closely related to the digital world and both shares the common trait of continuous change. Due to this trait you might miss some updates or some trends that are lately discovered in this universe of Digital Marketing.

You will find out what you are missing or what is hidden from you in the world of Digital Marketing.

First of all let us try to understand and decode the term Digital Marketing.

As I said in the previous phase that the first digital marketer was Guglielmo Marconi who invented and commercialised radios.

The first ever Digital Marketing advertisement was made via Radio, this shows that there is no relation between Digital Marketing & Internet.

Then what exactly Digital Marketing is ?

Digital Marketing is just another way of Marketing which is done from Digital Channels like website, social media platforms, search engines, mobile applications, OTT Platforms, audio channels or any other Digital Channel.

To make it more simple,

Digital Marketing is a way of showing advertising which involves a Digital. Channel.

And that is why Guglielmo Marconi is considered as the First Digital Marketer.

If you had reached upto this section, continue reading it’s going to be more fun inside it.

No let us come that why Digital Marketing has become the trend and so buzzy?

Let’s focus on why it has become a trend from a perspective of a business.

Digital Marketing allows businesses to advertise with a very small budget and reach out to more and more people.

Data tracking, targeting and many more flexibilities are allowed by Digital Marketing to a business.

Digital Marketing require less resources and provide more results.

Now let us get to how consumers has helped to make Digital Marketing a trend.

Digital Marketing shows the advertisements to the consumers which they want to see.

They hype in E-commerce store, Online TV shows, OTTs and more has shifted audience to consume content from traditional channels to Modern Digital Channels.

To Summarise, following are the points that has made Digital Marketing a trend.

  • It don’t cost you much
  • More accurate execution
  • Can get quantitative results
  • It don’t requires much resources
  • Due to hype in Digital Channels
  • Audience like it!

You are keeping it up, it’s good.

As you have come this far reading you seems really interested, so let’s get in a little deep.

You will get some value, keep reading!

Overview of Digital Marketing

As I mentioned that Digital Marketing is not solely related to the internet which makes Digital Marketing quite a big term to get overview in.a glance.

Still let’s try to get a glance at it.

Following are the most known and common terms of Digital Marketing.

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Influencer Marketing
  5. E-mail Marketing
  6. Pay-Per-Click Advertising (Click here to read in detail about Paid Advertising )

Many terms I might miss here like Conversion Rate Optimisation, Online Reputation Management, Affiliate Marketing and some others.

But above are some of the main and most common Digital Marketing inclusions.

Now let’s look at these terms in a little detail.

Don’t worry we won’t go much technical, and I bet you will enjoy reading otherwise I will buy you a three legged pet dog.

Digital Marketing In a little Detail.

I love you, only because you had stayed upto here.

Now grab some chips and water because it’s going to be a little long.

Did you grabbed it? That’s good.

Let’s get started.

Search Engine Optimization

Definition : Search Engine optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic by optimizing your website factors like rankings, bounce rates, website speed and some other things.

Search Engine optimization is the approach to rank your website on the Search Engine on some specific search queries or Keywords.

There are many different approaches in SEO and following are the two most common approaches.

A. Black Hat SEO :

Improving the quality and quantity of the website traffic with some temporary and spamming tactics is classified as Black Hat SEO.

Black hat SEO helps you to get quick but temporary results.

B. White Hat SEO :

Applying proper and proven techniques and methods to achieve desired results to improve quality and quantity of website traffic is classified as White Hat SEO.

White hat SEO helps you to get permanent results.

White hat SEO can be further classified into following 3 parts.

1. On-Page SEO :

On-Page Optimization includes all the modifications and changes present On the page and thus it is known as On-Page SEO. Meta-tags optimization, Schema Optimization, UX analysis and many more things are included in On-Page Optimization.

2. Off-Page SEO :

This aspect focuses on the activities that are done Off the page, which includes back-linking and increasing Domain Authority. Off page includes local directories listing, Article submission and many other activities.

3. Technical SEO :

Technical SEO Focuses on the backend of the website like webpage loading speed. Things like optimizing images, removing dead CSS and more activities are included in Technical SEO.

Social Media Marketing

This approach is meant to promote your brand and market your business via different social media platforms. Social media marketing can also be used to divert traffic to your website. In-short you can leverage social media marketing to advertise and complete your goal.

Definition : Social media marketing is an approach to leverage your Social media platforms to promote your business and complete goals by targeting viewers.

Below are some of the most common social media platforms you can Social Media Marketing :

  1. Facebook (Oldest and most known)
  2. Instagram (Most common for B2C)
  3. LinkedIn (Most common for B2B)
  4. Twitter (Most professional)
  5. Pinterest (Most common for Female audience)
  6. Tik-Tok (Fastest Growing platform)

You can leverage many other social platforms like Snapchat and many other social media platforms for Social Media Marketing.

You can always come to us an get Digipple’s Social Media marketing services to leverage your Social media platforms to increase your influence.

Content Marketing

Do you know that you are right now, in this moment, in this second you are experiencing Content Marketing!!

Yes, I am not joking!

You are already this content, you had find it interesting (because you had read upto here so far) and you will share this blog definitely (You should, please, this takes a lot of efforts).

I hope you had shared this blog!! Share if not done.

Let’s get back to Content Marketing,

The Digital Marketing approach to create content and promote it via different channels (Digital Channels in Digital Marketing) to reach out to your audience.

Definition : Content marketing is a process of promoting your business by story-telling or any other format of content via different channels.

Following are some of the best ways to promote professional content

  1. Blogs and Articles
  2. White Paper and E-books
  3. Graphics and Info-graphics
  4. Copies and promotional content

There are many more but they will be the sub parts of above mentioned categories.

We at Digipple provides almost all the types of content creation and content marketing services. You can know more and always come to us for Content Marketing.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing focuses on the approach of occupying the key leaders or the tossed term Influencer of that industry or segment to promote your business or product.

Rather than promoting your product directly or reaching out to your audience directly you can do it through an influencer which creates a sense of trust.

Definition : Influencer Marketing is an approach to market your product or business through the key persons or influencers of that industry.

E-mail Marketing

Generally we use E-mails to communicate with leads and clients. But do you know you can also use E-mails to bring leads!

E-mail marketing is an outbound way to generate leads and get more customers by promoting your business by promotional E-mail Campaigns.

Definition : E-mail campaigns and other approach done in order to get leads via E-mails is known as E-mail Marketing.

You can send following types of E-mail to promote your business.

  • Newsletters or Blogs or Website Links
  • Follow up or Retargeting E-mails
  • New user welcome E-mail
  • Special Discount or Offers E-mails
  • Educating or Information providing E-mails

To execute E-mail campaigns for E-mail Marketing you need a database of E-mail of your targeted customers.

Following are some ways to get E-mails :

  1. Use popup forms in your website
  2. Provide them value in exchange of E-mail
  3. Extract from different online platforms
  4. You can also buy E-mail database

Use E-mail campaign and don’t spam, they are really use full if done in correct way.

Pay-Per-Click (Paid Advertising)

When you have some budget left in your marketing budget, this is the best way to spend and get most R.O.I.

Paid advertising is a way in which you pay X amount to the platform through you are advertising on a click or conversion of your goal

You can do paid advertising on Following platforms :

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube
  • Tik-tok
  • And many other online social and OTT platforms

Know more about paid advertising.

Ohhh! You are still here, that’s good.

Now let me finally disclose what I mentioned in the title of this blog.

3 Important points you are missing in Digital Marketing

Yes, There are lot of blogs and videos describing and explaining Digital Marketing, agreed, no problem, you are right, Ok!!

But! But!! But!!!

I am sure you had missed to know this three things in Digital Marketing Industry

  1. Balance between over-estimation and under-estimation is very important

Sometimes! Might many times this happens that some Digital Marketing companies or Digital Marketers over-estimates the results and after that fails to achieve which demolishes the credit of whole Digital Marketing Industries.

Sometimes the opposite can also happen, someone can give you very low targets and can demotivate you for Digital Marketing.

Digipple being a Digital Marketing Company always keeps the balance between over-estimation and under-estimation and brings the optimised results from Digital Marketing.

  1. Every one is not An Expert

You need to be very careful when it comes to the service industry and specially Digital Marketing.

You will be very clever to find who is pretending to be an expert and who is a real expert.

  1. Digipple – ‘The’ Digital Marketing company

You were missing Digipple now, but as you are reading this up till here I hope that you had known Digipple so far.

Digipple is the Innovative Digital Marketing & Creative Digital Branding Company that had redefined the game of Digital Marketing industry. We also have expertise in fields of Designing and Advertising along with Web Development.

Digipple provides following services in Digital Marketing :

  • Search Engine optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • E-commerce Marketing.

Let us summarise the quickly.

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