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Which SEO Risk you should take and which you shouldn’t

Which SEO Risk you should take and which you shouldn't

SEO Risk Management! But before going into the specifics of SEO risk let us understand what is the meaning of Risk exactly. Risk is a situation which includes some kind of probability of Danger. Understanding this what comes in mind? What do you think that can have or cause Danger in SEO practices.

Thinking of Dangers, what dangers could be occurred in SEO?

Following are the major Dangers that could be caused due to Risk in SEO :

1. Not Getting Results or ROI

You need to understand this, results and ROI are different. Before starting SEO process of your website you should be clear about the goals. Wether your goal is to rank on keywords or get increase in your traffic or it could be generating leads also.

If you are not clear about the goals chances are high that at last you will end up in the middle of no where and will not get proper results or ROI.

2. Spamming and get hit by Google

Make sure that your website will not get hit by google algorithm anytime sooner or later if it does hit you, you will have to pay a huge value for it.  Spamming is the last thing that you would be willing to do with your website as a SEO malpractice

3. Hurting your Brand Image

There are some websites that rank exceptionally well on Google on High Search Volume keywords but the problem is their website becomes crap stuffed with tags, titles and keywords. Unnecessary funnels and buttons are the poop on the bin.

Remember that your website is an inseparable part from your Digital Branding and you need to balance out it when performing SEO operations.

Ohh wait! Did I forget to mention that Digipple is a SEO company in Ahmedabad that gives optimum ROI on your investment in SEO.

Ok coming back to the point lets talk about the Risk you should take and the risks you shouldn’t.

SEO Risks that you should think of Taking

  1. Investing in content is not a risk, it’s calculated risk.
  2. Work on your User Experience & Site Structure
  3. Acquiring High Quality Backlinks
  4. A/B testing of meta information and track CTR

Let us understand these Risks one by one.

1. Investing in content is not a risk, it’s calculated risk

Content is the King, and my ears are tired of hearing these. But Content is now turned into the Kingdom and it is going to stay here. Investing in Content is not going to be turn out to be disaster unless and until it is a piece of crap.

Just be careful about the quality content that you put or buy on website. Unless your content is not of bad quality or spammed it is going to provide you ROI in terms of Rankings, Traffic, Outreach links and business leads from high business value content

2. Work on your User Experience & Site Structure

Working on Website Structure is something that requires constant evolution and analysis. Goal setting to funnel creation everything requires analysis of Website Structure and User Experience.

Users are the deciders and they are going to decide wether they are going to stay or leave your website and if they don’t get the impression of very good experience then they are not going to stay and thus you need to work on User Experience and Website Structure.

3. Acquiring High Quality Backlinks

70% of SEO experts believe that  Backlinks play a crucial role in the game of SEO when it comes to go from 10 to 1 rank and that is where major websites get stuck. Acquiring high quality backlinks means acquiring authenticity and that is what people look for.

Your website name with a link on the page that is considered the King in your industry could make an impact along with a difference. Plus it is there to be stay and that too on for the life time.

4. A/B testing of meta information and track CTR

Not only A/B do A/Z testing for these informations if required. If you keep on sticking with same meta information through out the period and sit on waiting for your website to ramp up, I am sorry to say but it is not going to boost up by miracles.

This risk could also backfire if there is a lack of research and for that thing only you need a profound SEO expertise working for you. Digipple has experts on the board to solve your problems related to SEO and provides SEO services in Ahmedabad and India.

SEO Risks that you should not think of Taking

  1. Exponential change is not preferable, do incremental changes
  2. Keyword Spamming is outdated
  3. Don’t ignore your technical aspects of sites (i.e hosting, server error etc)
  4. Avoid not taking any risk

1. Exponential change is not preferable, do incremental changes

When a Metroid crash on planet earth it brings a lot of damage compared to be a stone crashed on the earth surface from a 10 floor buildings. As exponentially your grow you will be hit hard by the algorithms.

You need to understand this that SEO is a long term process and you need to know this that there is only one thing you could do for exponential growth that is termed as “Spamming”. In the start of blog I had mentioned that how dangerous spamming could be for you.

2. Keyword Spamming is outdated

Okay it is not very much preferred to Okay use the Okay Keywords that are forcefully okay stuffed into the okay content just like this okay okay.

How irritating this is as a user perspective to read when Okay is used unnecessarily in the middle of paragraphs and content. When you stuff keywords just like this User experience gets distorted and the new age google algorithms focus on User Experience way more than keyword density and now you know where to focus.

3. Don’t ignore your technical aspects of sites (i.e hosting, server error etc)

Modern SEO is Technical SEO, the earlier you understand this the better for you. Technical aspects like Website speed, Page errors are now proving to be crucial factors for SEO.

Attention span of users are constantly decreasing and that why you need to take care of your website speed as the users are not going to wait for that special website you had made with so many efforts.

The second and the most important technical aspect is the compatibility with different devices. Most websites are made in Desktops but most of the users visit from Mobile phones and people loose the battle here when their website is not much optimised for mobile phones

4. Not taking any risk

You guys are smart, Understand it. But in urge of doing something you might mistake and thus whenever you need to do SEO for your business website make sure you reach out to experts. Digipple is a SEO company based in Ahmedabad that has SEO expertise in the Core of its team.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Stay tuned for more updates or visit to digipple.com for more blogs.

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