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Why a small business needs Digital Marketing?

Why Small Businesses Needs Digital Marketing?

Everyone in this so called Internet world has heard the word “Digital Marketing”. From that majority of people might know that what digital marketing is.

Some amount of people from that knows that what is included in it and have a basic idea about how it works. But almost none of them know weather they need Digital Marketing or not.

I want to ask you, Do you know that you need Digital Marketing? Do you know why? I am not saying it because we are a Digital Marketing company.

In this blog, I would try to explain that why you or specifically small businesses needs Digital Marketing.

If you are convinced from this blog, please start Digital Marketing in your company. We at Digipple also provides all kind of Digital Marketing services, but if you don’t want us you can hire any one but please have a support of Digital Marketing specially if you have a small business.

Let us first start by identifying what a small business is or what kind of business I consider that must need Digital Marketing.

How can you say a business small or What kind of business I want to address today.

Let go through a formal definition “ Small businesses are privately owned corporations, partnerships, or sole proprietorships that have fewer employees and/or less annual revenue than a regular-sized business or corporation.”

Now let us put aside this things for a minute and let me tell you that which businesses I am addressing in this blog as a small business.

You need to think of a small business based on audience and target segment in this blog. Let me explain.

Suppose X business have 10,000 potential buyers in whole world by only 10 of them are X business’s client. While on the other hand if a Y business have 100 potential buyers in the world and 10 of them are buying from business Y.

Now see in the scenario the Audience segment and market size is very large and compared to that a very small portion of market is captured by X Business thus we can consider it as a small business.

On the other hand the Y business already have a smaller targeted audience and have good amount of capture on the whole market, thus it can be considered as a large or medium business.

I hope you get my point that whom I am calling a small business in this blog.

As of now if you had understood that what is a small business, then let us understand the importance of Digital Marketing in today’s world.

The importance of Digital Marketing in today’s internet world.

Digital Marketing has taken over the world from past few years and has changed the whole game.

Digital Marketing has opened many gates of opportunities for small businesses who really cannot afford spend on Traditional Marketing.

We had a detailed blog explaining what Digital Marketing and what are those 3 secrets hidden from it you can check it out by clicking here.

In this blog I will tell you some points that why Digital Marketing is so important in today’s world, but if you want to know in detail you can visit to that blog.

Coming back, here are some points due to which Digital Marketing has become really important today :

  • Digital Marketing makes it possible the direct communication between your consumers and your business.
  • It enables you to build a trust value amongst your audiences
  • Digital Marketing provides a better ROI compared to any other means of Marketing
  • Digital Marketing can save a lot of money specially for small businesses which we will see in detail in upcoming parts of the blog
  • Digital Marketing makes sure that only right are viewing your content
  • It helps you create a brand awareness
  • Digital Marketing provides significant Analysis and Insights of whats happening

Till now we had understood that what a small business is and why Digital Marketing is important.

Now let us jump to the main topic and that is why small a business needs Digital Marketing.

5 Reasons Why Small Businesses needs Digital Marketing.

Before heading inside this section, I want to again mention that after this if you are convinced to have Digital Marketing company to grow your business then Digipple provides some of the best Digital Marketing services out there which are very cost effective.

Now let us see why you need Digital Marketing if you runs a small business.

Following are 5 Reasons why small businesses needs Digital Marketing

  1. Digital Marketing don’t discriminate and gives equal opportunities

  2. The most Cost effective form of Marketing

  3. Gives higher ROI

  4. Clear, Measurable & Fast results

  5. You can create a Brand Awareness and Influence

Now let’s look at these points in a little detail.

1. Digital Marketing don’t discriminate and gives equal opportunities

When you select Digital Marketing as a Marketing channel for your business, you select platforms that provide equal opportunities.

Digital Marketing don’t discriminate you based on your revenue or size of your business. It provides equal chance and opportunities for all of you because there’s a lot of space on internet for all of us.

Digital Marketing shows the results on how much effort you put into it. Yes there are some inorganic methods like PPC and CPC but other than that there is a lot of Organic opportunities to grow.

May be it an organisation with thousands of employee against you operating only with 10 employees still you can get a good Digital Marketing agency to compete with that big organisation in the Digital Space.

2. The most Cost effective form of Marketing

As we all know, traditional marketing like banners, hoardings, radio advertisements, TV commercials cost a lots and demands of a huge investments. But Digital Marketing is totally opposite.

Digital Marketing doesn’t need a large investments because of two things. First is the platform and channels, all the Digital or internet platforms are getting cheaper and cheaper to use along with the lower rates of high speed internet.

The second thing is space, there’s a limited space In physical world and thus it is expensive, but there’s an infinite virtual space which makes it cheaper to use.

Cost effectiveness is one of the major reason that why a small business needs to have Digital Marketing. This is one of the major factor that why small business lacked in Traditional Marketing.

3. Gives higher ROI

Now there’s a Difference between the cost effectiveness and higher ROI and many businesses mistake here.

See at this scenario, you spend 10 rupees on a marketing campaign but get 0 In return, this has a higher cost effectiveness but have lesser ROI.

Now suppose if you spend 10,000 rupees on a Marketing campaign and get 20,000 rupees in return. This has a higher ROI but the cost effectiveness factor is gone.

Digital Marketing has both the advantages in it. We has learnt about the cost effectiveness now let me explain the ROI factor.

Digital Marketing let’s you target the right and very targeted niche, and thus your spend will be only in the right direction where only the people who will be really interested in things you sell will reach to you.

No if some one is interested to buy an apple iPhone but you sell the fruits. Now if that person searches for apple and reaches to you it is worth less.

Thus small business needs Digital Marketing to get the complete and optimum returns on what they spend.

4. Clear, Measurable & Fast results

As a small business you really cannot afford spending your money in a wrong direction for a longer time.

Digital Marketing gives you very quick results on what you are spending and where you are spending. Digital Marketing also gives you measurable results by which you can clearly look at what ROI you are getting.

Operating a small business is a no joke and Digital Marketing releases your tension of small businesses to help you grow in a proper direction and have a measure of what you are doing.

5. You can create a Brand Awareness and Influence

No matter how small you are, with the help of Digital Marketing you can apply an omni channel approach to represent your self as a brand and create a brand awareness amongst your targeted audience.

Many small businesses becomes local mafias, that means they become a local brand like best of x thing will be available here.

With Digital Marketing you can increase and spread your exposure and create even a broader Brand awareness and also influence the buyers.

This creates the Sense of trust and brings you a loyal customer base so you don’t need to worry about the recursion.

Till now for small businesses it was only a dream to represent themselves as a brand, but with Digital Marketing it is now possible to create your brand awareness and influence.

Here for conclusion I want to tell you that if you operates a small business, it is not yet late get the digital marketing support by either hiring an employee or a digital marketing company at least to try.

Also I would like to mention that we at Digipple also provides some result driven and cost effective Digital Marketing services which you can know more by clicking here or can directly contact us.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Stay tuned for more updates or visit to digipple.com for more blogs.

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