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Why online advertising is so effective.

Why online advertising is so effective.

Online Advertising is so much effective! Thats all I have said it you should believe it finish. Blog over, thanks for reading you could visit our website www.digipple.com to know more.

Wait wait wait !! I was just kidding, but certain times you might have read this kind of things that online advertising is very much effective, big companies do it all the time and gets huge ROI. Compared with traditional advertising this is a lot cheaper and also provides you the highest ROI of all.

But if you have tried it, It might had turned a disaster for you or chances are that they performed well for you. Today I am not just going to justify with facts that how effective is online advertising but I am also going to share that why Online Advertising is Effective.

Why Online Advertising is so Effective :

This is PPCA Matrix of Online Advertising which says why it is so much effective.

I know these are very abstract words, but you don’t need to worry as I am going to explain them all to you in this blog.

So let’s look at them one by one.


Digital things always have the upper hand of analytics over the traditional things. Online Advertising is no exception. You have insights of people’s demography, Ethnography, Geography and many other insights.

These insights could be used to get your advertising accuracy and precision on the content creation of your advertising. You know what are the interests of the target audiences, what triggers could be useful for your target audiences and how they are going to reach on the particular piece of content.

All these things could be so easy to with the insights just in front of your screen and that is so much powerful and you could understand your audience into a deep level and craft the advertising campaigns accordingly.

Understanding your audience is the half way of the game, if you could win at It, you have won the first half, now lets move to the second half of the game.


Placement is something you could not control when you are doing traditional advertising. You put a bill board on the nearest crossroad to your office and every damn person passing through it might look at it or might not.

Imagine your target audience is the 30 year old man and he is driving a car through that cross road, he is obviously not going to give his attention to the bill board while driving. Instead his 5-6 year old kid sitting at the back sit looking out of the window is going  to look at your bill board and just smile.

But in Online Advertising you have the full control over whom to show your advertisement commercial and also when to show it. If you target audience is the 30 year old man you could easily advertise your commercial on his Facebook feed while he is having his breakfast in morning and checking the Facebook.

Placing the correct advertisement at correct place in front of correct people at correct time is a game changer, and yes this could only be done in Online Advertising.

Ohh I forgot to mention that Digipple being a Digital Advertising Company in Ahmedabad provides exceptional results with its highly analytical skills.


This is the most lucrative point of Online Advertising. But let me tell you a bitter truth about it. If you don’t do Online Advertising with proper expertise and guidance then it is going to drain out your money and will going to cost you way more then any traditional advertising.

Don’t be afraid, we are here to guide you. Cost Optimization is crucial, follow the 20% rule. Let the 20% of your total advertisement budget spent over the time and if you don’t get any ray of hopes in that there is something wrong with your campaign. It might be targeting, content or placement or even the time.

Try improvising these things and then run the campaign again and then follow the same rule again. This way you will be able to determine what is best for you and what you want to do the next.

Advance Advantages

Online platforms and channels for Advertising gives you some of the whooping advantages, it is like have the super powers when compared to that of Traditional Advertising.

The first advantage is the most available target audience just at you mobile screen. If you want to advertise your product or service in Foreign country, the only way available for you is the online advertising.

The second thing is the analytics and data, you have a open up data of what have you done in the past which could clearly help you how much you need to spend in future and what mistakes you need to correct while executing next time.

Now if I will keep on going to explain all the advantages this blog will have no end and that is not at all preferable. If you want to know more about online advertising you could visit our page Digital Advertising.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Stay tuned for more updates or visit to digipple.com for more blogs.

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