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Why should you invest in digital marketing?

Why should you invest in digital marketing?

Before getting into that why should you invest in Digital Marketing it is important to know what exactly digital marketing is! Now many people confuse Digital Marketing with Internet Marketing. We already have a detailed blog on What is digital marketing so if you want to know about it you can click here.

Now I am considering that you kind of have a clarity in mind about what is digital marketing. Now the thing that comes snapping upon the face is should you invest in digital marketing or you shouldn’t?

Giving a simple answer, analyse the Covid-19 outbreak. This has taught us that anything in world can be stopped in fraction of seconds but only the internet couldn’t be stopped. Covid-19 has shown all of us the value of Digital channels and internet.

What is there in this blog, have a look at a glance.

So let us now address the elephant in the room that why should you invest in Digital Marketing of your business.

Let me clear it first, that all the points and reasons I am going to mention about why your should invest in digital marketing are all generic and made regardless considering the industry, geography, demography and ethnology of your business and thus applicable for all.

Following are the reasons why you should invest in digital marketing

  1. Future is digital (Facts & Use reference 2)
  2. Easy to track your performance
  3. Optimize ROI Effectively
  4. Audience Targeting is very easy and effective
  5. Influence to affluence

1. Future Is Digital

Obviously this statement don’t need any justification but still I will show you some facts and not leave you with any benefit of doubt.

  1. More than 50% of world’s population is below the age of 30 which means modern generation and they couldn’t resist using internet for their buying options
  2. Digital Marketing costs 62% lesser per a lead or customer acquisition as compared to that of Traditional Marketing
  3. Around 78% of users of internet research about the product online before buying it and chances are they could buy from internet

There is a list of facts like this it will take many days if I keep on typing this so lets stop here and move to the second reason

2. Easy to Measure and track performance

Unlike Traditional Marketing Digital Marketing is not done without any measurable matrices. Internet is very smart and each and every user present out there is trackable and ultimately measurable.

This makes anything running on the internet trackable and measurable. Weather its an ad campaign or any social awareness campaign, On the internet, every thing is trackable.

3. Ability to Optimize ROI effectively

As mentioned in the previous subtopic I just bring it on table that everything is trackable or measurable. Throwing more light on this gives rise to the next reason to invest in Digital Marketing for your business.

Measuring and tracking data with Digital Marketing channels is not just for fun. Measured Data is for improvement and optimization and thus Digital Channels gives you upper hand for the optimization of everything.

Better Optimization leads to better utility and better utility of any thing provides better ROI. So if you value your investments in Marketing, be smart and invest in Digital Marketing.

4. Effectively target your audience

Go to the nearest cross road to your house and just look around and notice how many advertisement banners you find out. To your surprise many of them would be unnoticed by you till date.

Think of the most recent banner physically you have seen, I know you cannot remember and not think of the advertisement you seen on any digital channel. I am sure you will remember at least a single advertisement from it.

The problem with traditional marketing is that it is set to showcase everyone and money is wasted. On digital channels solving this problem you just need to pay for your target audience and not others.

Digital channels gives you the power of targeting within your hands if you have a good enough knowledge of your potential customer.

5. Influence To Affluence

Let it be the cost effectiveness or some huge ROIs. May it be targeting the right audience to measuring the performance. It all boils down to earning money and making profit.

Digital Marketing has proven to be the most efficient and most return giving way of marketing compared to any other means. If you re ready to affluence and sky rocket the revenue of your business you need to get on Digital Marketing.

Creating an Influence is difficult but it is comparatively easy to reach more people digitally and thus Creating an Influence to affluence is one of the important reason to invest in Digital Marketing for your business.

Digipple provides high ROI giving digital marketing services and if you need one or want to know more then click here.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Stay tuned for more updates or visit to digipple.com for more blogs.

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