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Why you should use Youtube to grow your business?

Why you should use Youtube to grow your business

Ok, I know it is hard to generate leads or sell products directly from Youtube because most probably people comes on YouTube to search and see videos and not to buy products.

But Hey, do you know how products started selling on Facebook and Instagram? It just started from this kind of point only. But for now let us think of  present and focus on the reason that people come to Youtube for watching videos.

People like to watch videos that are entertaining, information or providing some kind of value to their life and not your product advertisement videos of course unless you don’t create some advertisement like Apple does.

So it is quite difficult and complicated to use Youtube to market your business but this is what will make you difference from your competitors.

Here are some points that will show you why you should use Youtube to grow your business :

  1. 78% of Internet traffic comes from video and most of it is generated from Youtube, so you can estimate that how many times users spend on Youtube searching for YouTube.
  2. People usually search for solutions in from on video on YouTube so you can make videos solving such problems using your products so people can know that a product like this exists.
  3. Company culture is something you can show in form of videos which gives your potential prospects of what is happening and how is the work culture of your company which gives a strong point to buy from you
  4. If you are selling physical goods you can use Youtube shop feature to list your products directly there.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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