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Things you should care while growing on LinkedIn in Covid19

Things you should care while growing on LinkedIn in Covid19

LinkedIn is lesser popular amongst the young and business enthusiasts and obviously you don’t know much use of it and chances are you don’t know how much you can use it to grow.


Now if you are following our emails then you will know that LinkedIn has two different segments for both the User or the private profile and the second is the business or company profile. This means you need to take care of both while growing on LinkedIn.


Let’s see what things you should take care while growing on LinkedIn in Covid19 : 


  1. Be professional on LinkedIn, even if you are a B2C or represents something casual or funny know your limits on LinkedIn as there are corporate professionals in your network.
  2. LinkedIn is not a platform where people look up for your company page to follow like Instagram or Facebook at start. You need to promote LinkedIn page out of the LinkedIn also.
  3. If your personal profile is doing good(As it is comparatively easy to grow) then make sure you are using its potential to grow your company page also.
  4. Leverage Indirect influencer Marketing on LinkedIn, which means tag large company pages 
  5. If you are already using LinkedIn and if incase you are suing premium subscriptions for sales take care of where your money is going and cancel it if it is useless in this time.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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