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Let us take the Digital Advertising Journey

No, no, no, no, no I am not at all talking about Digital Marketing, Digital Advertising is totally different from Digital Marketing, so let’s understand about Digital Advertising in this blog.

Digital Marketing is an organic way to grow your business online. I mean you need to pay a company or your employee but you can use Digital Channels for free in Digital Marketing.

But Digital Advertising demands some budget, no matter big or small the thing is, you need to spend an amount for using channels in Digital Advertising.

Do you use any social media platform? Then you might have come across a post in which sponsored is written at the top. That is a paid ad and you are their target audience.

And if anytime in your life you had clicked on that advertisement, they had become successful in their Digital advertising campaign. Do you want to run such a successful advertising campaign and get more leads?

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So let me first clear about what exactly is Digital Advertising, so you can understand every upcoming section in this blog better.

What is Digital Advertising ?

Definition: Digital Advertising also called as Internet Advertising is an approach when businesses leverage paid features on the Internet or Digital Platforms for promotional activities of their business, products, or Services.

To make it easy to understand,

In digital advertising, you have to pay for using the Digital Channels in a more intensive way to promote your offerings.

Believe me, you had experienced and being targeted at least one time in your lifetime by Digital Advertising if you use any Digital Platform.

Digital Advertising leverages the trustability and authenticity of the popular digital platforms on which you advertise like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more.

Knowing only what is Digital Advertising is not enough, you need to understand that how it works and what magic it can add to the sales chart of your business.

According to a study, 64% of online buyers had bought the product by the influence of a type of Digital Advertising on social media or other digital platforms.

We will Understand that why Digital Advertising has become so much successful in upcoming chapters.

Chapters for Complete Digital Advertising Guide :

So let’s start our journey of understanding Digital Advertising. Advertising is a no joke and if you really want to take out everything from this blog and chapters have a notebook and pen with you.

In this particular blog, I had just mentioned few points and if to access full chapters you need to click and visit respective chapter links.

Chapter 1 : Introduction to Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising is a part of Advertising itself, but do you know it is further divided into many verticals. No I am not talking about disgusting classifications like online advertising & Internet Advertising.

CPC (Cost Per Click), PPC (Pay per Click), CPM (Cost per matrix), Retargeted Advertising, OTT Advertising, etc are some of the major classifications in types of Advertisement.

We have explained all the major types of Advertisements in the complete chapter so you can read that to get full information.

Read full chapter……

Chapter 2 : Types Of Digital Advertising

Before getting into the whole guide I think you should get the proper understanding of major branding terms. I know that you know their meaning, but clearing out the definition will not take much time.

Also, we had explained terms with examples so you will be able to understand Digital Branding terms simply and easily so good luck to continue.

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Chapter 3 : Traditional Advertising vs Digital Advertising

This is the most controversial talk ever between old and modern marketers or advertisers. But to be frank, I think Digital Advertising beats traditional advertising in every aspect possible.

From Targeting to Result Tracking everything is far more advanced in Digital Advertising regardless of platform. There are many more advantages of Digital Advertising that you could find out in the full chapter.

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Chapter 4 : Social Media Paid Advertisement

Social Media Ads or Social Media Advertising is the form of advertising that is done using any social platform like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. The highest number of people are nowadays active on Social Media that is a gold mine for advertisement.

Today majority of Advertisers choose social media ads over any other type of advertisement. Facebook still has the highest number of users compared with any social media platform.

If you want to target youngsters choose Instagram and for B2B you could use LinkedIn, we have mentioned all the details in the full chapter.

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Chapter 5 : Google Ads

Your search for something on google, you get ads. You visit any high traffic website on google, you get ads. Your search for images on google, you get banner ads. You watch videos on YouTube, you get ads.

These mentioned types of ads are all comprised of Google Ads. Google Adwords (Advertising management platform of Google) gives us the feature to run ads on google in all the above-mentioned ways.

Google ads are expensive than Social media ads but if done with proper skills, could get you the best R.O.I. of all. Are you eager to learn more about google ads? Then read the complete chapter.

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Chapter 6 : The future of Digital Advertising

The future of Advertisements is always a question mark, about the returns, the data security, wrong manipulation, and many more topics raise question about the future of Advertisement.

But we are not here to discuss that future, we are here to discuss what kind of advertisement trends you will see in the future.

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