Chapter 4 : Evergreen SEO Ranking Factors

Google, ohh gosh I wish the ranking algorithms would be equally simpler as the name of Google is. Unfortunately, this is not the story, Google’s Algorithms are getting strict and complex as time is passing and it needs to be as competition for SEO is growing.

Back in 1998 from when Google is started to the year in 2021 when it has become one of the biggest tech giants the algorithms and ranking factors have changed in Google Dramatically. Not my words, because back in some time it laid emphasis on On website factors, after some time it diversified towards the off-site factors and sometimes the user experience factors.

But still, there are some of the evergreen SEO Factors for the Website which will be useful anytime from now and can act as Major Google’s Ranking Factors.

Major Classification of Evergreen SEO Factors for Website are as follow

  1. On-Site Factors
  2. Off-Site Factors
  3. Technical Factors

Now it will be easy for us now to look and understand the Evergreen SEO factors for a Website that will work as Major Google’s Ranking Factors in or after 2021.

Major On-site SEO Factors are as follow :

  1. High-Quality Content
  2. Customized Schema
  3. Searcher’s Query Solution or User Experience on Site

Major Off-site SEO Factors are as follow :

  1. Social Signals
  2. High-Quality Relevant Backlinks

Major Technical SEO Factors are as follow :

  1. UI/UX (Site structure)
  2. Flexibility of Compatibility (Phone/ Tablet/ Desktop)
  3. Website Speed

1. High Quality Content

We all know that Content is the King and believe me it is here to hold its positing forever. Delivering high-quality content does not only mean delivering a fully SEO optimized Content along with loads of Keyword Stuffed into it.

No, I am not saying that SEO optimization does not hold any power, it has immense power. But by the quality of content, I mean user likable and unique content with high authority and customization.

High-quality content means higher session duration of use and lower bounce rates. These factors are here to stay and thus it is considered as the evergreen SEO factors.

2. Customized Schema

Schema Markup is a form of the hidden agent which tells crawlers about your content. Schemas work as an underground agent which no one notices but holds very high values in terms of effectiveness.

Schemas can hold up to 600 types of different information. I am not saying to use em all but customized your schema according to your site and users to provide crawlers as much information as available on your site.

Schemas make the work of Search Engines easier to detect and analyze your content and as easier, it becomes for Search engines they will give priority to your website Ranking. As even Search Engines like easier things just like humans to do.

3. Searcher’s Query Solution or User Experience on Site

Users are the new rulers and no-one can deny this. There are billions of Webpages today present on the Internet that Google itself also cannot decide to rank higher, and thus the emphasis on Users is laid.

User Experience is one of the most higher factors nowadays to rank your website and it is here to stay for a really long time. If users types in a search query and return unsatisfied from your website then google is going to de-rank you and vise versa.

It’s Time to throw some light on the Evergreen SEO Factors that happens far away from the site but has a major impact.

4. Social Signals

defined by society and Google is not the exception. Google also takes the signals from society into consideration. Now from where social signals come from to google?

The answer is Social Media. If Google finds that you are very active on your social media platforms and keep on engaging your audiences there too, then it will think that you are going to be the same on your website too. Thus taking this into consideration will improve your rankings highly.

Social media is built for mass sharing. That’s how social media Affects SEO because all of this sharing adds up to more visibility of your content. If lots of people share your content on social media and Link to you that are very useful for your SEO ranking.

5. High Quality Relevant Backlinks

Backlinks are like Oxygen to the flame of SEO. It does not light it up but Flame of SEO cannot survive without backlinks. Backlinks are underrated nowadays, but still almost every top-notch SEO expert rates it highest in SEO ranking factors.

Quality backlinks are not everyone’s cup of tea, it takes time and effort to build them. But once highly authoritative backlinks are made, it retains it value for a longer time. Thus High-Quality Backlinks are an important factor when it comes to Evergreen SEO factors.

On page checked, off-page checked now let’s look at some of the backend and technical SEO factor

6. UI/UX (Site Structure)

We talked about User Experience in On-page factors also, but here is the real game of User Experience and User Interface. Your Site structure and architecture matter a lot when it comes to the user’s experience.

Users engagement on-site, convince of users to navigate through the different pages, visibility and contrast of website everything matter in terms of SEO when it comes to Evergreen SEO factors.

7. Flexibility of Compatibility (Phone/ Tablet/ Desktop)

The majority of Internet search is done from mobile phones, but most websites are made on desktop screens. Now to be frank many website developers forget while developing that the final product is going to be seen on 3 types of screens that are phone tablet and Desktop.

Unless you want the visitors coming from mobile phones to get annoyed with your website, take care of the compatibility and platform friendliness of the website across all types of screens.

And recently Google Introduce: Core Web Vitals as a Ranking Factor.

Check Your website Mobile Friendliness:

8. Website Speed

The Internet has caused our attention spans to be decreased by a lot. Due to the small attention span if you will make your visitors wait until the website is loaded then they are leaving.

Increased Bounce rates and lesser conversion rates are going to affect your SEO very very badly and that is not good news for you as well as your website.

Check Your Site Speed:

As you have successfully completed chapter 4 of the complete SEO Guide from beginner to expert. 

I could expect that you have an understanding of Ranking chapters and now it’s time to learn how to implement them in On Page.

Now go and start READING THE Chapter 5 to win the SEO game- WHAT IS ON PAGE SEO?

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