Your Optimum way to Build a Powerful Digital Brand

Chapter 3: Your Optimum Way to Build a Powerful Digital Brand

How to Build a Powerful Digital Brand

Here you are going to learn how you can build a personal/company Digital Brand for your business. So let’s start.


Do you want to know-hows and whats of a Digital Brand? So let us start with what exactly is a Digital Brand? Well to be honest there is no one definition to it since Digital Branding is quite an analogous term in its very nature.

But one thing I could ensure is that at the end of the blog you will be able to figure out the optimum way to build a powerful brand of your business.

What is Digital Branding?

The most accepted definition of Digital Branding worldwide is, it is the element of any company or individual that sets its product or service different than its competitors in the market. It somewhat resonates with USP (unique selling point).

As the saying goes “marketing is you asking a customer to buy your product or service and Digital Branding is the reason why they say yes”.

Consider a situation where a customer is confused in choosing between your company and another company. Here Digital Branding plays the role as to who will successfully pitch in the customer. Better the Digital Digital Branding better are your chances to get the customer and play above your competitor’s league.

Some examples of big Digital Brands across the globe are APPLE, SAMSUNG, GOOGLE, MICROSOFT, AMAZON.

Since now you have a clear idea about What Digital Branding is. Let’s move forward.

Why Digital Branding is required?

Ever wondered while buying a product which one to buy out of so many of them? You most probably go with the product whose company name you know about or at least are aware of it. 

Well, this customer conversion is due to Digital Branding. Some previous engagements led the customer to believe that this company can be trusted and hence customer goes with it. Hence you require Digital Branding.

In the past couple of years, the trend of start-ups has seen exponential growth. Here onwards, Innovation is going to lead the world’s economy. But you also need to keep in mind that with innovation, growth, development there is always going to be increasing competition.

To deal with it, you need Digital Branding. To have an edge of perfect Digital Branding in your market niche is the best thing you want for your business.

To connect with your customers in ways more than one you need a Digital Brand, to create a two-way active relationship with the client base you need a Digital Brand, to make more people aware of your company and its goal you need a Digital Brand, to showcase your vision and mission to your audience ….wait for it…. Exactly!! YOU-NEED-A-Digital Brand.

To know more about how to build a perfect Digital Brand, keep reading.

How to Build a Digital Brand?

Here you are going to learn how you can build a personal/company Digital Brand for your business. So let’s start.


This is a very important thing you need while creating Digital Brand awareness. But what exactly does it mean? It means to add the same tone/voice through your entire content. Whether it is a blog, article, about us section, mission, vision, video, infographics, etc. Have the same tone throughout your content. For example, check out this blog’s tone from starting it is all written in “you” format (reader’s format).

Some things you can check for this is your mission, vision, and motto statements. Ask yourself are they compelling enough? Will customers be able to see through the company by just having a glance at its motto? You should see these two examples below to understand the importance of one voice throughout the organization in your motto.

INDIAN AIR FORCE (IAF) – “NABHA SPARSHAM DEEPTAM” aka “Touch the sky with glory”. You can see the motto itself fills the reader with unending patriotism and enthusiasm. You can also see that the motto is concise and clear about what their organizations stand for. “TOUCH THE SKY” refers to planes and jets flying in the sky and “glory” represents victory over the enemy and protecting the country’s aerial borders.

APPLE INC. – “THINK DIFFERENT”. Steve Jobs has readily transformed the design perspective of people across the globe. Its motto“ THINK DIFFERENT” fundamentally stand for always looking for change and development through innovation and technology. This is what is depicted in its most popular product iPhone.

So your voice should always set harmony with what your company stands for.

Simon Sinek is a world-class author and motivational speaker who says that people don’t buy your product rather they buy your story.

If you have a story compelling enough for your buyer persona and you can tell it in the most appealing way possible, you will have a tremendous customer base and followers.

The Golden Circle, one of the marketing concepts of Simon, says that people are not interested in WHAT you do rather they are interested in WHY you do it. So if you can provide them your “WHY” within your story, they most probably will come to you.

One another way you can tell your Digital Brand story is by content marketing. Content marketing is a useful weapon for this. Many companies have seen approx. 1200% of growth in organic traffic by just focusing on content marketing alone. Even if you just create small “how to” blogs or “ultimate guide” blogs, you are good to go as far as you keep providing value to your visitors.

So tell your story in the most appealing way to attract visitors.

A buyer persona is nothing but an assumption of what your ideal customer looks like. Once you know this, determine how you want your user experience (UX) to be. Customer journey experience is going to determine whether they had fun buying products from you or not and want to come back again to you or not.

Jeff Bezos, Founder of AMAZON, says that even if you follow only what customer expects from you and focus on improving customer experience alone, you too can make it big like other companies.

Ask yourself what is it that my ideal buyer persona is looking for? What should I say on my ads or website that will make him come to me? If you carefully answer these questions you will provide the best customer buying experience which will make them come to you again and again.

Providing free sidekicks in buyer’s journey or a small discount makes them feel special and enhances your Digital Brand.

As you have seen before, adding value to your customer stands out of everything. Nothing better than a customer getting its query satisfied by landing on your content.

For this, you need to create content that genuinely aligns through user query intent and provides value answers to visitors.

Whether it is an ad or social media post or blog or article or some other content for your campaign, keep slaying on this point so that you can provide value to your customers and they keep coming back to you and ultimately are converted into a life long potential clients.

Content is the king only when it adds some worth to your users. So make sure to spare some extra bucks on proper content creation for users which can add value to them and ultimately give you Digital Branding as well as sales.



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