Introduction to the “Google Ads”

Chapter 5: Google Advertising

What is Google Ads?

“Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers bid to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, or videos to web users.”- Wikipedia.

What is an Investment?

According to Wikipedia, “Investment is the action or process of investing money for gaining profit”.

Do you know which is the best way to invest money from your business which gives the most ROI i.e. profit?

Have you considered investing in Google? No, I am not talking to buy the shares of Google.

What I am talking about is google ads. Yes, Google ads could be your best source of investment to double or triple your investment money in a short time.

If you sell a good product or service, if you are capable to satisfy the demand that could be generated by google ads then what are you waiting for?

You could see the ROI that is set according to the conversion price and the product/service price. Now don’t wonder because it’s normal as mentioned.

If you are delighted by Google Ads now, let me show you how you could run your first google ads campaign step by step.

Before getting into it, let me tell you that if you are willing or planning to spend a very high amount of budget on Google Ads, it is advisable to hire some kind of company who could manage it professionally for you.

So if you are someone from that category you could visit our Google Ads Page and check out our services.

Meanwhile, if you are learning to do Google Ads on your own then you could continue reading the blog.

So let’s start with the introduction of Google Ads

Overview of Google Ads :

Frankly speaking, I am more of a fan of SEO than Google Ads. Because SEO is a long-run game while google ads is a short term game.

But if you are into some sort of situation when you require an immediate result, that is money should come right now, Google Ads are way more preferable than SEO.

Believe it or not, through SEO you will never be able to beat the Giants of your industry unless you are a giant too. If you want to outrank Myntra on the keyword “Shoes” the only option for you is to run Google Ads.

This is because Google loves trustability and big brands have it the most. So if you are all set to outrank that big fat boy sitting at the top in organic rankings get ready to play the Google Ads game.

To give you more insights, when you will finish reading this blog, millions of dollars were spent on Google Ads. Have a look at the below image.

These people are not just flooding their money without getting any ROI. They must have seen something and that’s why they are spending or let me say Investing their money in google ads.

But before showing you that how to set up your first google ads campaign let me tell you these very important three things.

  1. Don’t spend too much, as I said if your budget is too high have any company to handle it professionally.
  2. Don’t make it too complex in the urge of learning everything as you will be lost to the complex interface of Google Ads.
  3. Have patience and split your budget smartly over the time.

So if you will take care of these things let’s start to show how you could run Google Ads.

Let’s setup and understand “How it works”

First, we need to understand several terms that are related and most important in running Google Ads.

The first is the keywords, keywords or keyphrases are the search queries that users enter in order to search for your product or your solution.

For example, if you have an online pizza delivery shop, then someone could search for Pizza Delivery at Home, and that could be a bingo match for your brand or business.

We will get into details of types of keywords and how to plan them in the keywords section.

The second thing is Ads Spend or Budget, knowing exactly how much you are willing to spend on Google Ads can make your campaign a lot more effective.

If you don’t have any estimate in mind and are just waiting for results, chances are you will end up early or you will keep on flooding money without results.

The third thing is your landing page, no don’t ever confuse the landing page with your existing web page. You need to craft your landing page that is made solely keeping your advertisement copy in mind.

Many people make mistake to land users on their existing landing page (contact us) or any other shop pre. But this confuses the user as it is not meant for only that particular advertisement.

The fourth and the most important term is conversions, now conversions are not only the sales or purchases made from the website. It depends on your purpose that what your conversion would be.

If you are running ads to get traffic on your blog and affiliate some products then the website clicks on your page could be your conversion, sometimes check out button or add to cart button could also be your conversion.

Defining clear conversions are very much important to measure the ROI of your Google Ads investment.

Understanding these terms now lets us understand how these terms and google ads exactly work.

One more thing here to note is how Google ranks your website in advertisement too. Yes, that is true, there are multiple ads running on Google for a single target keyword and audience.

Way back in time, Google used to sort advertisements only based upon the bid amount of the website but now Google has Introduced something known as Quality Score.

The Higher the quality score of your domain for a particular keyword, the higher is your relevancy to that keyword, and the higher the chances of your ranking at the top.


OK so now let’s jump in to understand Keywords in Google Adwords.

Keywords in Google Ads :

Now before going into details, Google Adwords has a build-in tool known as Google Keyword Planner that could be used to search, plan and plot the keywords for your advertising campaign.

Now coming to the keyword section of the Google Ads Campaign you could enter the keyword majorly in Three formats as shown below. 

  1. Example Keyword
  2. “Example Keyword”
  3. [Example Keyword]

The first format is known as the Broad Match, which means any search query containing the words in any order will be targeted to show your ads. Ex. I want an Example for ideas of Keywords.

The second one is the phrase match, which means any search query that includes mentioned words in the same sequence will be targeted for your ads. Ex. I want Example Keywords.

The third one is the exact match, which means the search query only with the same phrase will be targeted for your search ads. Ex. Example Keyword.

The one more thing here not to forget are the negative keywords.

Negative Keywords are the keywords that you totally want to exclude from your targeted queries and audiences.

Once you have understood the keywords let’s go towards understanding the budget.

Keywords in Google Ads :

Are you capable of learning Rocket Science?

Don’t worry this will require only basic plus and minus to calculate and plan proper budget for your Google Ads.

It is simple, you just need to identify the funned and conversion rate from your past metrics. For example, if 1000 visitors come to your website and 10 of them buy then your conversion rate is 1%.

Now you need to figure out that how much profit you are getting for that 1%, suppose you are getting 100 rupees profit from that 10% then you need to figure out that how much of it you are willing to give back for 1000 more visits.

Let us assume you could spend 30 out of the 100 to get more visits this way you could afford 30 bucks for 1000 views or 10 conversions of your goal set in the Google ads campaign.

Now for this, there are multiple factors in Google Ads.

The first is the CPC which stands for the Cost Per click.

This is optional if you want to set it or not. Automatic CPC will be set by Google in case you let it blank and if you want to set Manual CPC you need to figure out how much at highest you could afford for a single click.

The second is the budget limit for a single day, this determines that how much at highest you want to spend in a single day. For Example, if you want to run your ads for 5 days with a total spend of 1000 bucks then It should not go above 200 Bucks for each day.

Also don’t forget to set the lifetime budget along with the end date of the campaign, If some situation occurs in which you are not able to access your Google Adwords account then the ads will automatically stop and will not be able to go over your entered budget.

There are many more things like Conversions, Targeting, type of campaigns, partner networks, and many more. All these things you will only be able to explore when you will try and open Google Adwords by your own. SO best of luck with your first google ads campaign.

Wohoo. you have successfully completed chapter 5 of the complete Digital Advertising Guide.

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