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Chapter 1 : Introduction to the “SEO” | Something everyone miss to know

Chapter 1 : Introduction to the "SEO"

Chapter 1 : Introduction to the "SEO"

Chapter 1 : Introduction to the "SEO"

The final destination of doing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is to generate more traffic on website & increase its visibility.

But what resides in the core of any successful SEO activity consists of

  • Serving users with right content
  • Having your influence over other domains too (Backlinks)
  • Understanding how search engine works and optimising according
  • Optimising website for every platform
  • And many more

If you want to know about all the SEO Ranking factors you we had a blog for that also.

Coming back, as I had said in the Complete SEO guide that SEO has become most complex ever. This is because technology and search engines are constantly evolving.

Evolution of Search Engine no more focuses only on some Meta tags and links to rank your page on top but there a lot you could do.

The best users experience and relevant content are the most appreciated factors by search engines today to rank your page on top.

We are going to talk about the basics and introduction of SEO in this blog so if you are an intermediate or expert in the room you could skip this and direct yourself towards chapter 2.

If you are a business owner figuring out how to rank your website, don’t get into this hassle, check out our SEO Services.

History of SEO

From the morning you had woke up to the evening when you sleep, around 4.4 million blogs are uploaded on internet.

Blogging has now became the hobby and along the side internet usage has also gone up and that demanded some major change from the system used back in 1990’s when search engines are invented.

Back then, it was not everyone’s cup of tea to post on internet or to have a website. Even to search for something on internet was rare too.  That time the random sorting of the results could be accepted.

Over the time internet gone general and rest is the history.

Thus search engine algorithms gets on developing day by day to meet users requirement and give them the most authenticate experience to search something over the Internet.

And this is how SEO WAS BORN.

Basics Introduction of SEO

Imagine the user searching for a product you sell on your website is like the hottest girl in the college. All the other websites including you are the boys gone mad after the girl.

Now being so common like others won’t going to grab the attention of the most wanted girl in the college.

You need to stand out,

You need to be perfect,

You need to be optimised,

If you could stand upon these things then and then only you could get the attention of the girl and impress her.

Search Engine Optimisation is just like developing the personality of your website to attract users.

But there’s still more, remember I said that SEO has become most crucial and complex in 2020.

Search Engine Optimisation today needs to work from both the perspectives that is both crawler and user. If you only focus on crawlers then users will be lost and If you only focus on users crawlers will not push you up.

SEO is THE GAME OF OPTIMISATION to rank your website on top of SERPs.

How you should learn SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation, as the name suggests its all about THE OPTIMISATION. Optimising things is a real world skill and I am telling you that you could not be an expert at it just by reading some blogs or watching some videos.

But hey that never meant that you should close the tab of this blog, you should become expert at theories.

After that what matters is your research, skills and creativity.

Discovering the techniques will make you be able to do SEO but not become successful at SEO.

Experimenting things is one of the major and crucial part in SEO.

Do you know what we call SEO here at DIGIPPLE?

We call it STILL EVOLUTION ON, as it depends on how greatly you evolve.

Wohoo. you have successfully completed chapter 1 of the complete SEO Guide from beginner to expert. 


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