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Chapter 4: Social Media Advertising/ Paid Ads in 2021

Social media is a necessary tool nowadays to reach new potential customers. Almost every business wants to use the power of social media to boost sales and awareness among their audience.

One way to do this is by increasing audience engagement organically (without paying). But honestly, it takes time to grow on social media.

Another way you can consider is to use social media ads. One surely will have to put some real money on the table before talking paid ads here but it will also bring you more sales with quality and quantity that too FAST THAN EVER.

Here you are going to learn out-and-out of social media ads, how to interpret insights, and much more.


Almost all Social Media provides the feature of Paid Ads that you can use to boost your business online. But wait!! Do you have a plan or strategy for your Social Media Campaign? Do you have a proper goal or objective? Do you know which platforms your audience spends the most time on? Do you know which sites perform better? What your ideal customer looks like?

So before getting flooded with an unanswered questions let us start with the basics.


There are several social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and many more that you can use. So how would you decide which platform/s to choose for your business campaign?


It is nothing but observing your target audience. Analyze who is your target audience and where do they spend most of their time. If you have a product for young teenagers your most likable option should be Instagram, Snapchat, or even Twitter. If your target customer ages between 35-45 then you should most probably go with Facebook.

If you want to know more insights about it then Visit this site.

So let’s get started with different SOCIAL MEDIA ADS.

One of the most important things you need to consider in social media ads is the CAA rule of advertising (no it’s not co-curricular activities  J ). It consists of

C- Conversion

C- Consideration

A- Awareness

Conversion – It basically signifies the number of people who completed a goal like joining a community or subscribing to your newsletter or making a purchase anything. It is the last part of the user journey.

Consideration – It means engaging the audience in various forms like Infographics, videos, photos on different platforms or encouraging visitors for views or app installs anything.

Awareness – It means to build brand awareness and to increase reach and impressions amongst followers.

Now, since you have pretty much a grip on the basics of social media ads platform and planning let’s dive deeper into each of the networks.


When it comes to social media ads Youtube has the following goals

  • Generating potential leads for business
  • Make sure to increase traffic on a website
  • Multiple brand awareness
  • Develop product consideration among users.

True view ads – These ads are shown at starting of the videos or in between the videos with a skip button after 5 seconds. Even though most people skip the ad it is recommended to make these ads for at least 30 seconds. It develops brand awareness and recognition of your products.
These are also shown in mobile apps, games, coin games.

Non-skippable ads – In these ads unlike true view ads, users don’t get an option to skip the ad. The ad is almost 20 seconds long. It is shown at the start of the video or midway if the video is a minimum of 10 minutes long.

Bumper ads – These are also unskippable ads but are of shorter length approx. 6 sec. They can boost up your traffic if placed effectively.


Twitter, for its sponsored posts, have different goals. These are

  • Website clicks: These are basically those Tweets to encourage people to come and take action on your website. You’re charged per click
  • Tweet engagements: These are those Tweets with the goal of starting conversations about your brand. You pay for the initial engagement.
  • Followers: You can promote your Twitter account and pay per follower gained.
  • Awareness: You can promote your Tweets to a broad audience and pay for impressions (CPM).
  • App installs: You can promote your Tweets with App Cards and pay per click to install your app.

Twitter promotes – This amazing feature is what makes Twitter stand out in the ads crowd. In this, the Twitter algorithm automatically promotes your posts and tweets to your specified audience. Of course, you need to pass the Twitter quality filter which checks relevancy, genuineness, and quality engagement of your tweet or post.

Twitter ad campaigns – First decide your campaign objective and make sure they overlap with Twitter ad goals. You can also create new tweets specific to the campaign or use an existing one. Anything works fine as far as It has quality because 90%of your traffic will depend on that.
Also to drive more traffic use specific dimensions to the segment the target audience. For example different campaigns for mobile and desktop users, different ads for different geographical locations.


Linked in is widely used by professionals. So if you are a B2B business linked in might be the best option for you to start with paid ads. Also, it covers the gap between job givers and job seekers. It is one of the best community of online professionals.

  • Paid ads – These are placed on the user timeline so that you are easily showcased to the target audience. It is done for both mobile and desktop device
  • Sponsored mail – This is probably the most unique feature of linked in. It consists of messages that you want your audience to read. These messages are shown to users in linked in message inbox that too only when they are active.
  • Text ads – These are just texts at the top right of the news feed. It conveys your message to users and increases brand awareness. It works only on desktop devices.


With more than 2 billion users, Facebook is one of the favorite platforms for businesses to reach out to potential customers via ads.

There are different types of Facebook ads that you can use according to your business needs and campaign objectives.

  • Photo ads – photo ads are shown in the Facebook feed of the user. Your photos should be engaging, user-friendly, and convey your message effectively. If possible also include a call-to-action for users to know what they should do next in order to purchase your product.
  • Video ads – If you can provide video ads giving out the word about your company and its product it would work the best. It can be a short 30-sec video or as long as 240min detailed video. It can easily help you go viral and boost customer reach.
  • Stories ads – These are used mainly for a limited time offer on your products as stories keep up only for 24hrs. the story can be of great use when you have to get your word out for single day offers. It also costs low compared to other ad forms.
  • Carousel ads – It is much like photo ads but more than one photo is included in a single ad post. These are a good option for advertising different products of the same niche. It can also be used for describing how-to-use instruction for users.
  • Slideshow ads – If you do not have the budget for a high-quality video then a slideshow is the best option for you. These ads are not exactly videos but are moving photos. According to research, Motion ads prove to be more lead generators than static ads like photos. So if you want to increase engagement use slideshow ads.
  • Messenger ads – These ads are shown in the messenger chatbox and are targeted to your potential customer via keyword. It can really increase your brand awareness and also help to boost sales.


Instagram was recently purchased by tech giant Facebook and with the latest updates has also become another great platform to showcase your ads.
Instagram has two spots for showcasing sponsored ads. One is in the stories and the other is on the news feed. Different types of Instagram ads are

  • Photo ads – These can be shown on the timeline of the user or stories section. Photos should be eye attractive and also should be placed in such a way that it grabs visitors’ attention so as to click it and come to your website.
  • Video ads – These are also placed either in the story section or news feed. If the content in your video is really good and adds value to your audience you will get more recognized.
  • Carousel ads – These ads are shown only in the news feed section and generally are used to showcase different products from the same brand. This reduces the cost of each ad and conveys more brand awareness of different products.


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