Chapter 5: A Complete LinkedIn Marketing Guide

LinkedIn Marketing

It’s a general thing in the market that social media is only for B2C businesses. This myth can easily be countered by LINKEDIN. Yes, LinkedIn is such a platform where individual job seekers, employers, employees, businesses, each and everybody marks their presence.

Creating a great and attractive LinkedIn profile can even land you a job at a good company.

To be specific, LinkedIn is a social platform where all types of professionals share their content, portfolios, and whatnot. If you are a professional or trying to be one you definitely need a great LinkedIn profile. But you might ask how can I do that? And what possibly I could optimize besides signing up on the platform?

To know answers read till the end!

What Exactly is LinkedIn Marketing?

  • In general, when you use LinkedIn to make other people aware about your skills or service you and your business offer, and they might convert into your clients“, is called LinkedIn Marketing.

  • It consists of business running ad campaigns on LinkedIn, sharing and re-sharing posts on LinkedIn, writing a post about some trending topic. Any action that you take on LinkedIn that might result in creating your brand awareness or gives you metric measure for your performance“, is called LinkedIn Marketing.

LinkedIn like any other social media platform provides features like private chat, public posts, likes, shares, comments, visits, trending, etc. If you have a great profile, you will make connections with top-grade people in your industry given you actively invest your time in LinkedIn.

How to Effectively do LinkedIn Marketing?

Here I am giving you in what areas do you need to focus on LinkedIn marketing.

  1. Use cover photo
  2. Create Company Page
  3. Add a pro finder badge
  4. Use clear URL
  5. Blog and website link on the page
  6. Use Endorsements wisely
  7. Sponsored ads
  8. Publish professionally
  9. Analyze on LinkedIn
  10. Use showcase pages-

1. Use cover photo

It is a very important aspect of how your profile looks like to your visitor. In 2014, LinkedIn allower to put a cover photo of around 8Mb to put on profile.

Use it wisely.

2. Create a company page

If you have a business that you want to showcase in the market you can create a LinkedIn company page. Visitors when view your page, they are most likely to go to your website and might even end up becoming your client.

3. Add a pro finder badge

You can use the pro finder badge on your LinkedIn profile if you work individually as a freelancer. It basically allows you to show your skills and expertise on your profile.

When a potential client sees your pro badge and gets impressed you have a very high chance of converting that into a client.

4. Use clear URL

Your URL is the web address where you are found. A typical LinkedIn URL must look like<your- name>/<some numbers> etc. If you don’t want your URL to be that complex you can change it to something readable format.

You can do this by clicking view profile> public profile>URL.

5. Blog and website link on the page

As mentioned earlier if you have a blog or website that you think your target audience might like then you can put its link on your LinkedIn page. It is a great tool to drive referral traffic.

If somebody visits your page and click your site link you might get a potential visitor for your business

6. Use Endorsements wisely

LinkedIn gives you this amazing feature to showcase the skills of others and help them grow. It is a very mutual step towards growth. Suppose you have a connection who is really good at creative content writing. You can recognize the person’s skills via the LinkedIn endorsement feature and help them get noticed by recruiters.

7. Sponsored Ads

LinkedIn has one of the most important paid search criteria and that is a target. It lets you target specific jobs, specific industries, target recruiters, and many more.

You can set the target criteria according to your need and LinkedIn will show your sponsored content to the target user. This increases your chance of getting a metric measured high whether it is an impression, reach, or PPC.

8. Publish professionally

LinkedIn offers this amazing feature for all of its users to publish articles and different content on any topic they like.

Suppose you have a blog or content on your business website. Compromise your blog into LinkedIn professional publishing feature and let your audience know about your content

9. Analyse on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has this amazing analytics feature that allows businesses to know how they are performing in front of their audience.

By analytics and insight found on LinkedIn, they can easily comprehend how well their posts have performed when users came across them. Also how a user lands on your company page and other different insights.

Use this analytical feature to enhance your quality of content and engage better with your target audience.

10. Use showcase pages

You can use showcase pages if you want to increase your audience base. What it means is that showcase pages are those pages that act as a branch of your company’s main page. Showcase pages are mostly used to highlight a specific product or event or service. If in a campaign a major element is substituted into strategy it will be a great thing to showcase it into showcase pages in LinkedIn to drive more traffic.

Another important thing to remember is that even if someone doesn’t follow your main company page but can still follow your showcase page.

It drives awareness and also increases followers of the company’s main page.

What to take care of in LinkedIn Marketing?

To be honest, there are so many things that you shouldn’t do in LinkedIn marketing, but a few of them are listed below.

  1. Don’t overdo- Yes don’t overdo stuff. One thing you will see is that people keep on poking several stuff be it content, connections, profile update. Don’t hype it by overdoing it rather make it simple but elegant. It will help you in long run.
  2. Analyze audience- After the garyvee’s “create content every day” wave in the market, people are making content on daily basis. Some even go up to 2-3 posts per day. But amidst this chaos sometimes due to the increasing quantity quality of the content gets reduced. This shouldn’t be the case with you. Even if you create once a day or twice a week whatever your schedule is, just keep your audience in mind and your quality will automatically increase.
  3. Have patience- Big things take time. Have the patience to create content regularly on do LinkedIn marketing and in some time you will see results. You are not going to be a superstar overnight on LinkedIn, or any other platform for that matter. Being on top requires time, constant effort, and most importantly patience. Keep calm and hustle.
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