Chapter 6: Off Page SEO

What is Off-page SEO?

Any practice that you follow outside your web page which affects your search engine ranking is called OFF PAGE SEO.

Unlike on-page SEO, it is not in your control most of the time i.e you cannot control off-page SEO.


OFF page SEO is a very important factor in ranking your website high on search engines like Google. One of the big parts of OFF PAGE SEO is link building. It basically works as a vote which signifies authority, genuinity, and relevance of your content which helps you rank in searches. Hence to rank high you need OFF PAGE SEO.

One of the big parts of OFF page SEO is link building. Link building is the practice of linking different web pages to your websites. Links that point towards your web page are called inbound links and links that your site points towards some other web page are called outbound links.

What are Top methods of link building (Off Page SEO)?

1. Out-Reach Link Building Tactic

The most genuine and oldest method is outreach link building. If you have good content you reach out to people with the same niche as yours and tell them to link their website to your content.

Remember, you need to have value-rich content for this, or else nobody will care to link to your website. As bill gates once said “In the next era, CONTENT is the KING” and it is nothing but true.

If you can provide rich content that adds value to your users people will gladly link their site to yours even if you don’t reach out to them in the first place.

This is called a natural link where the linker thinks that your content might be useful to his readers. And eventually gives you a backlink.

2. Top notch guest blogging

Many experts consider guest blogging as an outdated concept in link building but it is still a working method that can be used for quality backlinks.

What guest blogging means is you write an article in your niche but on some other platform than yours. You put the link of your web site in that article and expect referral visitors from that platform to come to your site. Also, the crawler will find links to your website which will act as a vote of authority and confidence while ranking in SERPs.

To find such platforms that allow guest blogging you can use the Google search operator. It basically allows you to see and reach potential sites which lets you write a blog on their platform.

Plenty of sites are not active for guest blogging but if you can pitch them manually most of them won’t deny your request to write a blog on their platform.

Why? Because nobody will miss the opportunity to have free, optimized content on site which will bring them traffic. You get a backlink and the other site gets content. It is a win-win situation for both of you.

3. Fix broken links

Broken links are those links that are either expired by page or page doesn’t exist anymore. If a broken link is clicked by the user it will result in “error 404”. It will result in a bad user experience and users will probably not visit your site again.

You can also generate a backlink with broken links.

The easiest way to get a backlink is fixing a broken link. If you can find a broken link on a certain web page and have the same niche as yours you can ping the owner of that website to make him aware of the broken link and ask him to link that content to your site which has more value comparatively.

How do you find broken links to fix? Well, thanks to different tools like Google webmaster tools or W3C link checker which allows you to find broken links on the website.

Most of the time if you make a person aware of a broken link on his website he will, out of courtesy, provide you with a backlink pointing towards your website.

What activities do you need to take care of while link building?


More the number of high quality linking domain more is your chance to rank high on SERPs. If websites link with high domain score link to your site higher are your chances to stand out in the crowd of ranking.


The rank of your linking site matters a lot. If a high ranked site links to your web page search engine crawlers understand  that your content is genuine and ranks you higher.


Many black hat SEO methods include fooling the search crawler by putting stuffed backlinks without considering user intent. If the links are not relevant or say has nothing to do with your niche than it will degrade your site and if done overly might as well result in penalized site.


Do follow links allow crawlers to get to the destination of pointing links. No, follow links do not allow crawlers to pass through that link though it gives you referral traffic on your website.


Anchor text are nothing but clickable words which redirects user to the provided backlink. Anchor text allows crawler to better understand the context of backlink and hence easily helps you to rank high on search engine pages. If a target keyword is included in Anchor text it will work alongside crawler to rank your website on SERPs.

As you have successfully completed chapter 6 of the complete SEO Guide from beginner to expert. 

I could expect that you have an understanding of Off Page SEO  and now it’s time to learn Google’s Free Tools.

Now go and start READING THE Chapter 7 to win the SEO gameGOOGLE’S FREE SEO TOOLS

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