Chapter 6: Social Media Trends and Future



Videos are not going down for a significant amount of time. I can easily say this because of the metrics provided on the internet. It can be seen that people are spending more and more of their time on the internet and most of it is spent watching visual content.

It may be a cooking video, a cat playing in the yard, an educational video, or any other niche for that matter. Only keep in mind that VIDEOS AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE.

Why? It is simple. Because of its psychological effects on the brain. Visuals are easy to understand and hence contribute at a great length to make us remember things for a large period of time. Another form of absorbing information isn’t that compelling.

Ever saw a person leave a youtube video just to look at lazy Times Roman fonts? No. Never.

Sites like Youtube, which are totally video-oriented have seen tremendous growth in the past couple of years. Even people are getting along with video trends and hence take the quality of video in concern while showcasing it.

People might also see a video to learn something new every day and don’t even get me started on a variety of things people search to learn.

With time people want to engage in a better way. People want to learn in an innovative manner which is done by videos. Hence videos are king in the next market.


No, not immunity from covid-19 (wear a mask and stay safe though). The great Indian business tycoon, owner of the giant conglomerate TATA INDUSTRIES, Mr. Ratan Tata once said that if you want to walk fast, walk alone but if you want to walk far, walk together.

This single line from Mr. Tata proves my point that community is at the backbone of your business’s long-term success.

A targeted community of people having the same niche as yours or as your potential customer can bring you dedicated traffic real soon. People trust people. And if you can get your word out by some genuine people in your community you can grow genuinely.

A community provides you with something valuable and you in return do the same favor. That is how you grow and help others grow in a community. It is all just give and take.

Let me tell you that you are not going to be aware of all the small happenings around you, so if you have an active community of your niche you can get it from there.

For example, I have a digital marketing community and one of the members in that community came across this offer that a leading SEO company is providing free access to their tools for a limited time. If I haven’t been in that community I would’ve missed such an amazing opportunity.

So create or be a part of the great valuable community.


This latest feature of the 24-hour story is so cool that almost every big social media platform is using it. In fact, platforms like Instagram and Facebook are so dedicated to making this feature more engaging that they have set up special teams just to work on the design and engagement of stories.

Stories are a great way to reach a potential audience that might have missed your post on feeds due to overcrowding content or loose scroll.

Also, it is great to showcase your one-day or two-day offers on stories of social platforms rather than post. You can also target your viewership in story ads.

I can easily say that the increasing engagement of users in the story features isn’t letting the story go anywhere down if anything up.

So make sure you are up to date with this social trend and use this feature wisely to increase business brand and awareness.


Influencers are now the new social celebrity and people follow them. Sometimes blindly follow them. People follow their habits, attitudes, character, clothing, accessories and much more. So Influencers can actually influence their viewership and some companies do leverage it.

Brands have recognized the power of influential marketing and the type of psychological response people provide with it. Hence, Brands have become more active with influencers to create their brand awareness.

And the paid amount can vary from brand to brand and also the popularity and trustworthiness of influencer in concern

Did you know Kylie Jenner is paid 1.2 million dollars for a single Instagram post? Yes, you read it correctly, 1.2 million freaking bucks. Unbelievable right? Yes but not for the brand that pays her.

So if you have a great product ad want to leverage the popularity of other people to create your brand awareness and sales you can most selectively go to influencer marketing.

All in all, influencers are a great way to promote your products and hence use them effectively.


UGC simply means user-generated content. Content that your audience might have created and you get to use it, for free.

UGC can be really good for your content strategy as it involves the end-user at its core structure. Trust is the main part of your content. If a person posts something and tags you, you have user-generated content here. You can re-share or re-post it. You can also tag the original creator.

User-generated content usually creates more personal and long-lasting relationships with the audience. So UGC can help you really good at brand awareness and relation-building with customers.

The best ways to have UGC in your strategy is to be active on all platforms, telling the audience to tag you in their posts, re-sharing and re-posting their posts, following their content, shoutouts, features are some ways you can easily have user-generated content.

Once you have it you can effectively analyze it and make use of it to drive sales.


Did you know that only around 60% of marketers consider likes and shares as a key metric for their content campaign? Around 30% of marketers still believe that an emotional trigger after reading a post is better than useless double-tapping.

We are not going to go into that debate of pros and cons. Rather we are going to dive deep into the world of metrics (not THE MATRIX of course I am no Keanu reeves). People are constantly changing their key parameters on basis of which they determine the success of their strategy.

Some use likes and shares as a metric, some use impressions, insights, and whatnot. But the point to remember is that metric no matter what is it if you can pinpoint a particular nerve of your audience you are good to go.

Analyze user insights for this. Many insights like reach, impressions, and likes you can get from social media. Some of them are free some are paid.

Also sometimes you cannot expect sales and brand awareness at the same time. They both have different key metrics.

So make sure to evolve the range of your metric and ultimately increasing output.


Never get off from your creativity. It will help you to establish various business goals in long term.

Everybody understands the dos and don’ts of business no matter what your niche is. So more or less after a certain level, all are best. Then what will determine the success of your company? CREATIVITY.

Adding creativity to your ad campaign strategy using the correct keywords can prove to be really good.

Hence with all the above points, you should also remember not to beat off your creativity in your business to drive sales to have become a successful brand.

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