Types of Digital Advertising

Chapter 2: Types of Digital Advertising

Taking your work ahead means powering your digital dreams, in today’s world where digitalization has taken its great pace it is really important for you to meet the needs of the digital world. According to the scenario, we can say the need for digitalization is never going to change, it’s a neverending want of the generation.

In this accordance, we can say that it’s a lot essential for all kinds of industries i.e. businesses, advertisers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and even the customers. For all these, the most important thing required is advertising your product in the best way you can. To go hand in hand most important is digital advertising to advertise your products digitally all over the world.

We can see that it is flooded with different types of digital advertising that can very well suit your needs. But how is it possible that everything can keep up with everything in this waste world? So after search and research, all through the columns of words, you have now reached a great place to get digital advertising types that can totally match your purposes.

There are seven main types of digital advertising starting from display ads to email marketing including subtypes and all paid advertising types. Some types can confuse you due to their similarity in characteristics but why worry if we are here to solve all your doubts may be that be how can users see ads differently in the Facebook newsfeed, or how the video ad can be used as display digital advertising type, but everything will be crystal clear to you once you finish this article. Firstly let us examine what benefits just a few steps of digital advertising can gift us.

Benefits for Digital Advertising:-

Here are some Positive Effects that Digital Marketing can gift you –

  • It can make your product or brand viral all over the world.
  • You can set any target audience for your ads.
  • It will go to all age groups of people as major teens and adults use social media.
  • It’s affordable that even small businesses, entrepreneurs, industries can go with this option.

Types of Digital Advertising:-

These were the few points that can give a clear view of miracles that your Digital Advertising can do. Now here we go with a descriptive list of Paid Advertising Types through which you can choose best among all types of Digital Ads that suit you the best.

1. Display Ads:-
2. Social Media Ads:-
3. Search Engine Marketing/ Optimization:-
4. Native Advertising:-
5. Retargeting and Remarketing:-
6. Video ads:-

1. Display Ads :-

Display Advertisement is one of the most basic types of advertisement among all digital advertising types. It can be simply termed as Advertising into Visual Form as it includes Images, Banners, Popup, Flash, Text, and Video ads. 

One of the most affordable among all the paid advertising types and therefore will be seen by more people. It just involves one ad space and its main motive is to reach a large audience instead of reach a target audience.

2. Social Media Ads:-

These are the types of advertisements served to users on social media platforms. In this case, social networks use the user’s interest according to its searches and on its basis, the highly relevant Advertisement is served to them on the social sites. 

These are generally based on user’s interaction with different things and interests on social media platforms. The best platforms for the same are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

This type of digital advertising consists of two sub-parts that are –

  • Organic –

The advertisement you share in this case can only be viewed by your social media followers.

  • Paid –

In this subtype, you can target the audience who will be able to see your advertisement. Here, you need to pay for targeting the specified audience.

3. Search Engine Marketing/ Optimization:-

Also referred to as SEO/SEM. This digital advertising type is based on the keywords that people use to search their information on search engines like Google, Bing, or Browser. Here, the advertiser is charged on each click. You can say it typically entails the use of specified keywords in a great way.

This consist of two subtypes that are –

  • PPC(Pay Per Click):-

Advertisers are charged for each click.

  • PPM(Pay Per Metrix Click):-

Advertisers pay a flat rate per thousand clicks.

4. Native Advertising:-

This type of Digital Advertising type is quite similar to Display Ads but they are intentional and strategic when it comes to audience targeting.  These are integrated and camouflaged in the feed with a kind of sponsored listing. 

These are generally the sponsored posts and based on your likes, history, and online habits. For example, you have an account on Instagram you liked a specific web browser like Google there,  now you will get all the native ads from google on your feed as you liked it. 

Native Advertising consists of four forms, in-feed, search ads, recommendation widgets, and prompted listings. This paid advertising type is counted among the best for the users because what they see is what they want.

5. Retargeting and Remarketing:-

Retargeting quietly refers to the digital ads that target the audience who have visited your website in certain ways. In this Type of Digital Advertising when a user clicks on something that you have decided a cookie is set in their browser that helps you in retargeting the same user again.

Sometimes people define Retargeting and Remarketing as similar but it gives a clear state of confusion to the mind. So Remarketing can be defined as Emailing and Re-Engaging the users who did not complete a certain action once when they visited your website.

6. Video ads:-

Video ads can be considered simplest to understand among different types of digital advertising because it is actually what it sounds like. In this, a video is made which promotes a specified brand or object. 

Whereas it is simple to understand but in contrast, it is the digital advertising type that is difficult to make as it requires the video to be visually appealing, emotionally appealing with sounds and music as well which shares the message that stands for the brand. 

It is the audience engaging as it sets the audience in video, you can add how-to video, telling about the brand as well education and informational video that will make it more engaging for the audience.

YouTube, Facebook, video channels like Vimeo can be considered best to see examples of video advertising type.


There are uncountable businesses running in today’s world and what it’s mainly important is how good you can advertise to stand unique, to grow big, now this world of digital marketing is giving you a huge chance where your profit is in your hands. We hope that these different types of digital advertising must have been helpful for you to understand and you can implement it. These digital advertising types are full of endless chances and opportunities. Choose the suitable niche for your brand and start your journey.

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