Chapter 3 : Types of SEO You Should Know

SEO as seen acronym of Search Engine Optimization gives you quality and quantity.

There are thousands of businesses and websites running today but what makes a specific website or business effective is SEO. But before talking about anything let us discuss a billion-dollar question that, What is SEO?

With this question, the simple thing some of you would have thought must be using the keywords for the trafficking but somewhat you are partially right because SEO is also something more than this. Now let’s see what things contribute to giving it a name search engine optimization.

SEO is a process of increasing traffic or number of visitors on your business site by ranking it among the top Google Serps or Search engines like Bing, Google, Browser with the help of using relevant keywords suitably or search phrases within your domain. Understanding it with more betterment you can go through our previous pages.

Let us move to our next need of knowing the SEO types that will boost your website traffic. Most importantly SEO is based on three types with all three having a similar aim to optimize a website in such a way that it can be greater visibility in search engines.

The three types of SEO are as follows:-

SEO Types :-

Let us understand the types of SEO briefly that will help you to implement it in your websites.

1. On-page SEO :-

This SEO type is used in optimizing a single page on your website. It is therefore important to check the optimization on each and every page of your website and also here ranking is made on the page level basis.

The most important part of this on-page SEO type is that the quality of the content of each page that you are representing should be great. It includes all the things that visitors will see while visiting your website. It includes everything that is images, text, codes. Here are some most important on-page SEO guidelines that will help you in implementing them on your pages.

  • Optimization of the page title and Meta Description:-

The two-page title and meta description are the most critical for on-page types of SEO. The page title should be unique and interesting so that people get attracted which will result in the action of clicking in order to know more. Whereas your meta description should be such that it contains the general and good statement for the content that readers must come into the knowledge that he has got what he was searching for. You should include the primary keyword in your title and meta description so that Google can summarize it. It is the only part that differentiates your web page result from your competitors.

  • Optimization of Headings:-

An optimized page under heading has only one H1 tag which has similar values in it as your page title. The chances of ranking for the uniformly structured pages are high and the use of headings helps in the organization. You can include H2 and H3 heading tags to identify the sub-topics also when you are presenting a large detail then you can use the tags H4, H5, and so on. Header tags play a major role in order to be ranked, and we can make a huge improvement in ranking by just changing the headings.

  • Optimization of Page Content:-

Another critical part of SEO ranking is the content of the page. Also only optimizing meta descriptions, headings,  titles to improve rankings will only give you a short-term result. This SEO type must provide some value. Your page must be concise,  must have an attractive layout, uses rich media and text that will help in attracting more visitors towards your page that will result in improved ranking as will give a benefit of long term.

2. Off-Page SEO:-

Off-page SEO types are concessional to make promotions instead of content and layout of the website. It is connected with the techniques that can be used in the promotion of the website. Popular websites have chances to rank higher on search engines.

These are some most important off-page SEO types guidelines.

  • Building up Links:-

With the help of the building links process, you will be able to get backlinks from different other websites. Backlinks will help the website to achieve trust and therefore increasing authority.

  • Brand Promotion:-

Google generally ranks the known and well-popularized brands higher because many people trust them. Therefore besides promoting your websites you must step to promote your brands and also post about them on different social media platforms and forums. As more people will know and more will talk about, google pick up these signals and can reward them.

3. Technical SEO :-

You can simply define technical SEO type just by its name, the non-content factors of your site. The technical factors that affect the visibility of websites on search engines. Its main motive is to provide a good user experience. Its largely made to help the visitors to successfully crawl without any technical issues that can make the access and interpretation of all the pages of their website for future use. It aims at providing a good user experience and better readability and understanding to the users.

The important types of SEO guidelines for technical SEO types are.

  • Speed of Website:-

The speed of a website is also a major factor included in its ranking. The faster a website will run the superior visitors will get that will result in increased traffic on the site. Also, Google will also prefer a faster website over a slower website because that will provide a better user experience. The time in which the site loads should be below 3 seconds.

  • SSL/ HTTPS :-

Everybody today prefers security. So like its users, Google also prefers a safe and secure site. A malware website can be considered an unsecured website and no one wants to infect their computers by visiting unsafe and insecure websites. Therefore Google has been steadily increasing the importance of safe websites by increasing the importance of HTTPS websites over HTTPS sites.

  • Mobile Responsiveness:-

Another important factor is how efficiently the website responds. Here responsiveness can be defined as that the layout of the website adapts to the type of device being used to visit the website. As sometimes the websites which are not responsible tend to deliver its whole width on tablets and desktop. Google will also prefer a responsive website before its users.

  • The efficiency of Code:-

Website optimization is also based on the efficiency of code that is used to develop the website. As inefficient coding can slow down the loading speed of the page and also makes the content diluted. Google easily understands the semantic meaning of a page which contains less coding which will result in increased ranking.


Search engine optimization is basically implemented to achieve the higher rankings of websites on search engines like Google and Bing, also to reach the business goal that you have dreamt of. The above mentioned were the different types of SEO that will help you in the same, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO. These are the SEO types that help will help to search optimization and online visibility.

Wohoo. you have successfully completed chapter 3 of the Types of SEO: complete SEO Guide from beginner to expert. 

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